One bowl choc cake

scanner4, Oct 16, 8:49pm
Hi just cooked the one bowl choc cake and is cooling at the moment. Looks lovely.
shell156 I am going to use my Fudge frosting icing which everyone loves.
50g butter 55g caster sugar 2 tablespoons water 120g icing sugar and 2 tablespoons cocoa. Combine water caster sugar in a pot and cook low heat till dissolved Stir dont let boil.Stir in icing sugar cocoa into mix in pot. Chill till thickened . Beat until fluffy but dont over beat.
I think i will have to double this for my cake as it is quite big.
Cant wait to try.
Thanks for recipe people.

gradji, Oct 16, 8:59pm
With the ridiculous increase price of butter now, it's worth making your own butter. All you need is salt and cream, which cost less than a third of the price. Takes about 2 minutes.

scanner4, Oct 16, 11:53pm
oops forgot to say add butter into pot with castor sugar and water. sorry

badams1, Oct 17, 3:29am
the gent who has a recipe for butter made in 2 minutes could you post please.

uli, Oct 17, 4:47am
Put cream into a bowl and mix until the whipped cream is overdone - then you have butter.

Wash the butter lump with wooden butter hands (not with your own hot hands) under very cold running water to get the buttermilk out - and refrain from salting it - so you can taste the sweet nice butter taste for a change.

Good luck!

P.S.: Tell me if it really WAS cheaper to make - as until now it never was :)

sleyle, Oct 17, 5:31am
Just seen this, if I don't have the arm muscles to do it, will beating it do the same thing?

sleyle, Oct 17, 6:27am
Silly me should have looked at the other videos before posting such a stupid question.Sorry people, disregard my previous post!

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