Substitute for there any?

freds69, Oct 12, 3:18am
I am wanting to make mock whitebait fritters for tea and have no eggs. Really dont want to go and buy some as we are off overseas on thursday. Is there a way to substitute the egg for something else please??Thanks heaps

eastie3, Oct 12, 4:29am
I think I recently read here that golden syrup can be subbed for eggs in baking,but I wouldn't recommend that for whitebait fritters,even if they are mock.I use Orgran egg substitute when I run out of eggs but I guess you don't have that either ?

chevycoupe, Oct 12, 9:09pm
Not that Im old enough to remember but during rationing (War times)
Eggs were often replaced with a teaspoon of malt vinegar.

lilyfield, Oct 12, 9:11pm
if you have soya flour- that will do nicely

cookessentials, Oct 12, 9:42pm
golden syrup is fine in baking, but not whitebait fritters.

eastie3, Oct 13, 6:13am
Yes,that's what I wrote.

cookessentials, Oct 13, 6:26am
so you did, my appologies eastie.

eastie3, Oct 13, 6:39am
No worries Cookie :D

norma2, Oct 16, 1:57am
In cup put-1 tbs Gelatin mixed with cold water to a paste,then fill cup with boiling 1Tbs =3eggs

beaker59, Oct 16, 2:50am
The recipe I use doesn't have an egg in it.

Grate a few potatoes add a couple of tablespoons of flour season with salt and pepper stir and fry in butter :)

buzzy110, Oct 16, 3:11am
What are mock whitebait fritters?

uli, Oct 16, 3:48am
Something akin to "roesti" buzzy :)

edited to say that poster 1 is off overseas since Thursday ... so won't read your good advice any more.

buzzy110, Oct 16, 4:31am
Thanks uli.

Poster #1. All the best.

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