How do I cook egg plant?

cookessentials, Sep 7, 9:14am
Depending on what you are going to do with it. You slice,either into thick lenths or rounds or cut in half, if you are going to stuff it. Salt the flesh and let it drain for 1bout 20 mins. Rinse well and blot well with a paper towel. Salting it removes the bitterness ( there are those that will tell you that modern varieties are not bitter) however, salting also helps stop them absorbing so much water or oil when cooking. They are delicious brushed with olive oil on both sides and popped on the bbq grill. You can put them in Mousakka and I make a Turkish stuffed eggplant dish with mine called Imam Bayeldi

mistrycelebrity, Sep 7, 9:36am
You could try this recipe, sounds easy:

Eggplant, Ricotta & Parmesan Bake by Donna Hay:

dragonzflame, Sep 7, 10:38pm
You don't even need to salt it these days. In the past they were a bit bitter and the salt helped to draw out the bitterness, but they've bred that out of them now.

I really like it just barbecued or grilled, brushed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

tiogapass, Sep 7, 10:49pm
I brush with olive oil and grill till charred then blend with lemon, olive oil, salt garlic soa simple baba ganoush dip/spread.

cookessentials, Sep 7, 11:39pm
read my post above

dragonzflame, Sep 7, 11:56pm
lol, I don't read, I skim, and all I saw was salt and moussaka ;-)

Though actually reading the post that's interesting to know.

margyr, Sep 8, 12:08am
i remember about 40 years ago being in a market in Brisbane and seeing an egg plant for the first time, we asked the seller what you do with them, he went into all the detail mentioned above, and then said once you had done all that, chuck them out the window as they are blardy awful!!! Haha, I do use them occassionally I slice in rounds and use either as a layer in lasagne or the vege casserole, but remember his words each time.

karenz, Sep 8, 6:56am
I cut it in half hollow out the seeds and put left over bolognaise mix in and sprinkle parmesan cheese over the top and bake, or adapt a moussake recipe, make a variation with lamb mince and nutmeg instead of beef mince and oregano and tomato, make a white sauce, stir a whisked egg in and put this over the mince and sprinkle parmesan on top.

marcs, Sep 8, 6:59am
slice them up and grill them brushed with olive oil. roll up some feta cheese inside them and eat it. yum.

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