Bacon & Egg pie - par-grill the bacon first?

papariccardo, Aug 10, 12:47am
Hi all, I've often wondered if it would taste better this way. I always sauté the onion, salt & pepper the diced tomato, etc. What about pre-baking the pastry a little before adding the filling? Thanks for any comments!

fisher, Aug 10, 1:00am
I have tried a few things papa... blind bake a little to stop the base going soggy... saute onions AND put a few raw ones... raw silverbeetleaves. . slices of mushrooms. . slices of tomato rather than diced... pre fried rashes of bacon... Uncooked chunks of bacon... cheese over the base... flaky potato over the base. . thin layer of mashed spuds. . slices of capsicum sauteed with the onions... even frozen pees rinsed under hot water for a minute or two. . eggs beaten with a little cream salt and pepper... parsley. . eggs just pricked and swirled with a toothpick... and so on and on...
Just find a combo that you like... To answer your question... . yup. .
I half fry my bacon first...

papariccardo, Aug 10, 1:04am
Thanks Fisher! That sounds perfect. Blind bake, pan fry bacon, I may even go the peas & corn way - my son loves peas & corn.

That's got me thinking - jalapeños, just a handful.

beaker59, Aug 10, 1:04am
Yes I fry bacon first lightly and saute onion in same pan I do remove the rind too as I had a bit caught in my throat once not pleasant.

I have and do do most of the things Fisher suggested but for a real treat I add a can or two of smoked oysters its really decadent and amazingly flavourful :)

fisher, Aug 10, 5:25am
Lol. . not very puritanical beaker. . surely different and yet to be tried...
Papa... now adding jalapeños would suit my south carolina girl :}
add anything that takes your families fancy and tastes. . you'll come across one method that suits and with simple additions/alterations have a family favourite. . dont you hate it when purists say. . "ONLY bacon and egg". . I for one feel they are missing out...
I went up to North Cape with the boys on a magic launch, kingfish and marlin fishing. . ( yup we got a nice stripey). . As we were leaving Whangaroa late in the evening, I thought I would make a Bacon and egg pie in a roasting dish... all the goodies. . lotsa pre fried bacon and onions , tomatoes, parsley, mushroom slices and silverbeet layered as I went. . 18 eggs lightly stirred with cream salt and pepper. . didn't skimp on the salt and pepper...
One of the other guys made one as well ... I only got one small piece of mine and most of the other guys was left... Skipper said . .
'This is the most magnificent bacon and egg pie, I have EVER had... "
Said why... "It's simply so tasty with all the flavours. . "

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