Bacon & Egg pie help please!

paix1, Aug 6, 8:13pm
Can anyone please give me a great B&E pie recipe that can be frozen? ? Also, how do I stop tthe bottom going soggy? ? Any & all advice appreciated - will check back in tonight after work. Many thanks peeps! :-)

petal1955, Aug 6, 8:15pm
Placing grated cheese in the bottom of the pie help with the sogginess... ... . . Any recipe for B&E can be frozen... depends on your likes as to what you put in it... . . bacon and eggs... ... little onion... . some cold cooked potato... ... tomato slices

darlingmole, Aug 6, 8:47pm
I've heard that bakers use instant potato mash to stop the bottom going soggy

samanya, Aug 7, 1:44am
I always put a thin layer of grated cheese on the bottom ... I read it somewhere (Jo Seagar, I think) . . it works for me

shelley39, Aug 7, 2:35am
I always use a savory pastry for the base and flaky pastry for the top.

paix1, Aug 7, 4:46am
Thank you so much everyone - my job for tomorrow lol

seaspray1, Aug 7, 4:50am
Make sure you preheat the oven well and place a metal oven tray in there to heat. When you go to cook your pie sit it on the metal oven tray - it helps cook the bottom pastry.

paix1, Aug 8, 5:37am
Damn seaspray lol - just seen your message after I took B&E pie out of oven - which looks AWESOME I have to say so many thanks everyone - and seaspray - will do that next time :-)

nik12, Aug 8, 9:47am
I made a bacon and egg pie today and I remembered about people asking about soggy bottoms :-)
At the time I thought mine weren't because I line the tin with tinfoil, but today I did it in my temuka lasanga dish, and didn't line it with anything. Still no soggy bottom? !
I just do flakey pastry, bacon on the bottom, eggs, pepper, and more bacon.
I don't prick the bottom pastry - could that be the key?

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