Overnight Pudding.Old Edmonds

rarogal, Sep 18, 11:35pm
Cook book. would anyone be kind enough to poast this recipe if you have it? One of the few recipes I have not been able to recoup after accidentally wiping them all off my Ipad!

ed65, Sep 18, 11:53pm
Overnight Pudding

2 c flour
1 c sugar
1 c currants
1 c sultanas
50g (2ozs) lemon peel
1 t mixed spice
2 t bicarb soda dissolved in 1 c cold water
1 t butter dissolved in 1 c hot water

Mix the 2 cups of liquid together, and pour over prepared fruit and dry ingredinets. Stir well, and stand overnight. In the morning, mix well again. Tie in a cloth and boil 3 hours. This pudding may be put in a greased basin and steamed if liked.

rarogal, Dec 24, 3:10pm
Ed65, you're a gem, thankyou so much. This has been our Xmas Pudding for 46 years. You'd think I'd know it by heart, but while I recalled the liquid measurements, the dry ingredients failed me!

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