Ginger - do you peel or not ?

pauline999, Jul 16, 4:18am
I don't bother peeling if I am grating it , but if I am slicing it or chopping it finely I use the teaspoon to scrape the skin off. I am wondering why I bother !

punkinthefirst, Jul 16, 4:24am
No use to you at all, because I buy mine pre-grated, in a jar.

nauru, Jul 16, 4:25am
I usually scrape the skin off for slicing and grating. If juicing it goes in as is.

ruby19, Jul 16, 4:48am
I just grate with my nutmeg grater, also I keep it stored in the freezer and grate from frozen. Easy

unknowndisorder, Jul 16, 5:05am
I just grate or chop without peeling. I used to keep in the freezer, but now keep it in a bowl in the fridge and change the water regularly. Use enough of it that rarely throw it out.

rainrain1, Jul 16, 5:40am
I do all of those things :-)

holly-rocks, Jul 16, 6:28am
I peel as I'm a bit of a germaphobe. You never know where that ginger has been! O.0

davidt4, Jul 16, 6:52am
I peel, mainly because I am concerned about the insecticides and other treatments that the ginger gets when it is imported. When I had my own home grown ginger I didn’t peel it as it wasn’t sprayed and the skin was very tender.

nauru, Jul 18, 6:45am
It also keeps indefinitely in a jar covered with sherry in the fridge. I do this (sliced) and use both the ginger and sherry for chinese dishes and then top up both ginger and sherry as it's used, it's almost bottomless.

socram, Jul 27, 1:19am
Scrape the skin off with a spoon! No waste. A tip I saw on a TV cooking show.

Good tip about saving it in sherry. Thanks for that.

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