Apple Jelly in Christchurch

ricford1, Feb 15, 6:23pm
Would anyone know where I can buy a jar of apple jelly from in Christchurch. It is my daughter's birthday in a couple of days and she mentioned how much she would love a jar of apple jelly so I was hoping to surprise her by putting a jar in to a gift basket I am doing for her. I would have made it myself but I work 12 hours a day so just don't have the time. Would be so grateful for any ideas. thank you.

245sam, Feb 15, 6:47pm
ricford1, I assume that what you're wanting is plain apple jelly? Barkers make a Mint and Apple Jelly that should be available at most supermarkets, and Crab Apple Jelly appears to be available too - have a look at:-

Hope that helps - sorry I can't help you more than the above. :-))

ricford1, Feb 15, 6:55pm
Thank you for your reply. I am after the apple jelly that you can have on bread or toast. I know someone made it years ago and it may have been Barkers. Will check out your link and thank you :-)

suzanna, Oct 22, 10:46pm
I wonder if you managed to source the apple jelly for your daughter? I often go to Ohoka market on a Friday morning and one of the stalls I support is the jams jellies and pickles made by two women who do it purely to support the Karanga Mai unit at Kaiapoi High. I have bought many different jars including a delicious fruit salad jam which my mother said was 'just like the one she used to make years ago.' Anyway they sometimes do have crabapple jelly. We have just finished a jar do delicious apple and mint jelly. I make many preserves but like to support these ladies who are doing this as a labour of love. There is a phone number on the jar but I may get a shoulder tap if I include it. One more thing they are only there every second Friday. If you aren't able to get out there I could have a look for you and get it to you somehow. If you did manage to procure a jar would be interested to know where from given that the outlets for Snootyfruit have closed in Christchurch.

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