Apple Jelly some not setting ?

Hi I made some apple jelly yesterday and some looks like it's set ok and some more running all from same batch any ideas please as to why it isn't all the same and what I can do to make it right :) It was my first time and the colour is wonderful just some not set as well as other jars. :(

Chef_anne1955, Mar 14, 11:53 pm

apple should set how long did you boil it for . and did you test it . if its not setting you might have to reboil untill you get a better set good luck with it

Chef_whitehead., Mar 15, 1:53 am

I boiled it till I thought the setting of it was right on the plate, don't have the problem with jam making but as first lot of jelly I was / am a bit more at a loss. As I have said some has set well some not all from same batch which was odd /is odd to me.

Chef_anne1955, Mar 15, 6:57 am

I was told by an old lady today not to mix breeds of apples some are better jelly apple setting than others and hence this might have been my problem. I'll reboil my not as well set ones :)

Chef_anne1955, Mar 16, 4:45 am

A trick I learned to enhance both setting and flavour is to add crab apples. Actually if you have a lot of crab apples, the jelly is a delightful treat.

Chef_terraalba, Mar 16, 7:39 am

i have had crab apple setting in the pot with the middle boiling and the sides of the pot set . when i had a tree i used to bottle the juice to use with berrys in spring so the jam set . its a yummy jam and well worth the trouble

Chef_whitehead., Dec 22, 9:11 am