Marshmallow recipe - old Edmonds book

marcs, Jan 6, 9:18am
I remember my sister making marshmallows from the Edmonds books in the late 70's and 80's. I know it had egg whites in it. The current Edmonds I have does not have eggs in them. You can make marshmallows without eggs but I loved the texture and softness of the Edmonds one. Would someone be kind enough and post the recipe please if they have the old book.

harrislucinda, Jan 6, 9:50am
2 cups sugar 2tlbsp glucose 1 cup boiling water 2 tblsp gelatine 1 cup boiling water
dissolve sugar and glucose in first lot boiling water gelatine in the other mix together beating well until mixture creams and thickens
pour into wet dishes when set cut into squares roll in icing sugar

unknowndisorder, Jan 6, 10:43am
I think my old Edmonds book is 88 and no eggs in it.

Found one recipe:
3 egg whites
One cup sugar
One tablespoon gelatine
One cup water

Beat egg whites stiff with sugar added slowly. Dissolve gelatine in cup with a little cold water, then fill up with boiling water. Add gelatine slowly to eggs and sugar, beating all the time,
Lastly add any flavour or colour desired.
(The ideal cookery book, which was a fundraiser for plunked back whenever the hell it was - handwritten on the cover is 1933).

marcs, Jan 6, 11:05am
Thanks. May be we just put the egg whites in because it suggested it. Unsure as to how it was done. I will have to ask my sister.

buzzy110, Jan 6, 11:50pm
I used to use the Marshmallow from the Marshmallow Shortcake recipe because it was the simplest. It has an egg white in it. Maybe your sister doubled the recipe:

MARSHMALLOW (For marshmallow shortcake)
2 dessertspoons Gelatine
1 cup Cold Water
1 cup Sugar
1 Egg White
1 cup Icing Sugar

1. Soften Gelatine in Cold Water
2. Add Sugar and boil 8 minutes
3. Cool
4. Beat Egg White till stiff and fold in the Icing Sugar
5. Slowly pour in cooled gelatine
6. Beat until white and thick (about 3 mins)

It goes on to say spread on shortcake immediately and ice with chocolate icing. Sprinkle with walnuts.

I used to spread it into a Swiss roll tin. Cut into squares and roll in toasted coconut threads instead.

I also used that recipe for making Rocky Road by roughly cutting it up and mixing with just melted chocolate, nuts and coconut (because I love toasted coconut not because it should be in the recipe).

marcs, Jan 7, 12:45am
I did make marshmallow from a marshmallow recipe book I bought my daughter. The family liked it but my memory is different of home made marshmallows. From doing some research I think I took my sugar syrup too far. I will try again and will see what it comes out like.

kaddiew, Jan 7, 12:53am
My 1985 Edmonds book doesn't have any recipes for making marshmallows as sweets, just the same recipe buzzy110 posted for the marshmallow topping.

buzzy110, Jan 7, 1:21am
Or take a look at this you tube presentation by Hugh Fearney Whittingstall. It uses 5 egg whites and looks really simple so long as you have a candy thermometer.

Here is the recipe he must have used but using red food colouring, not beetroot juice, for the colouring and only about half the amount.

harrislucinda, Jan 7, 2:46am
YUM you may have started something here

fifie, Nov 7, 2:05am
My edmonds book is a 1955 edition. For years made the recipe buzzy posted in #5. Cooked the base in sponge roll tin, cooled and put marshmallow on top set and cut into squares added pink food colouring sometimes or put choc icing on top, kids loved it.

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