Tinned Ruduced Cream. I have 3 tins in the

clair4, Sep 13, 3:05am
cupboard. How can I use them? It is something that I do not use and want to use them up. Many thanks

bubblegirlblack, Sep 13, 3:39am
Cheese rolls

rainrain1, Sep 13, 4:39am
Make a huge amount of dip, and throw a cocktail party

sellontrademe, Sep 13, 6:19am
water down and use like cream for scalloped potatoes

paora-tm, Sep 13, 7:52am
Cream filled sponge.

aktow, Sep 14, 2:10pm
you can use it in soups, stews, scones etc,, you can add lemon to it and put it in a beef stroganoff ,

clair4, Sep 14, 9:22pm
Thanks. I now have some ideas.

jobb, Sep 14, 10:04pm
I use it with nachos, if I have no sour cream

kaddiew, Sep 14, 10:27pm
Approx 60 recipes here for using reduced cream;


clair4, Sep 15, 12:34am
Wow, thanks kaddiew. I am going to try the small sweet scones for taking to a friends for afternoon tea on Sunday. I am a terrible scone maker, but will give them a go. Yum

kaddiew, Sep 15, 2:47am
A nice range of recipes there, so will check them out properly myself.

clair4, Sep 15, 4:39am
This is wonderful site. TASTYRECIPES.CO. NZ I have spent all afternoon scrolling through and have so many things that I would like to make. Thank you very much kaddiew.

kaddiew, Dec 25, 9:58pm
Only found it myself today, so a win for us both!

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