What temp should finger-bowl water be?

Went to a restaurant for lunch today and had the mussels.

They brought out a finger bowl too, with a piece of lemon floating in it. The water was FREEZING.

I'm sure I've only had finger-bowls with warm water in them,

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Chef_agave1, Apr 9, 6:28 pm

Yes. Freezing water is odd.Hard to wash anything off fingers in cold water.

Chef_awoftam, Apr 9, 6:31 pm

yeah, that's what I thought.

Chef_agave1, Apr 9, 6:45 pm

Normally yes warm water, But in some case's cold and the reason is that hot or warm water does in fact intensify the smell of the fish thus making the smell harder to get rid of. The lemon does help clean, the hands as well.
Often when fish shop's are cleaning down after , cutting up their fish / filleting,. they wash down using cold water fist, then warm or hot water to follow.
I fillet my fish, then wash down with cold water, no smell left at sink. less chance of flies.

Chef_aj.2., Apr 9, 7:00 pm

Lukewarm. That's what I was taught in my Hospitality Classes.

Chef_punkinthefirst, Oct 21, 1:02 pm

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