Salt iodised or common

Recipe says to use common salt - can I use table (iodised) salt for preserving beetroot?

Chef_monty4ever, Feb 5, 10:38 am

Of course!

Chef_fruitbat, Feb 5, 10:49 am

Yay thanks ! Beetroot (from my garden - yum) all cooked and ready for the next step. :)

Chef_monty4ever, Feb 5, 11:42 am

I used to wonder the same thing. Read this week that the iodised salt causes the food to discolour. So went out and bought plain salt.

Chef_wheelz, Feb 6, 8:42 pm

It's best to use plain salt with no additives at all. Iodised salt may discolour the pickle, which doesn't matter much with beetroot, but the usual anti-caking additives will affect the flavour and texture.

Chef_davidt4, Feb 6, 9:09 pm

I've never seen salt called common salt - only iodised or table salt

Chef_sarahb5, Mar 24, 5:53 am

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