Pie Maker Recipes

I have just bought a Breville Party Pie Creations (8 mini) as I thought it would be great to make a heap each weekend and freeze for the kids lunches. Apart from the basic Mince Savoury... has anyone got any tried and true recipes they can share? TIA.

Chef_marina_may, May 7, 9:04 pm

You can use bread instead of pastry cases and make mini bacon & egg pies, or quiches with a layer of grated cheese to seal the bottom, then finely chopped onion, tomato (not too juicy), parsley, chopped red capsicums topped with an egg mix - egg whisked with a little milk and salt & pepper.

Chef_elliehen, May 7, 11:20 pm

Mix up some finely chopped bacon, onion and cheese mixed together with an egg.

I use this with bread cases so it will work perfectly with your mini pies.

You can also do steak and cheese, chicken pies, vegetable pies... fruit pies( use puff pastry for this as I found sweet short burns)

Chef_alebix, May 8, 12:03 am


alebix - do you use bread or pasty? Or just the egg mixture?

Chef_marina_may, May 8, 7:18 am

hi, would like to know where u bought the mini pie maker,i only seen the one that makes four pies..

Chef_guest, Mar 8, 6:33 am

I just made "impossible" type quiche in my mini-pie maker (2 jumbo muffin size) and they came out great - 3 eggs, l c milk, l c baking mix and small amounts of whatever you want - I used shredded ham, cheddar, red and green slivered pepper and slivered onion, just use your imagination - shredded spinach, green onion, swiss cheese, whatever you have in your frig.
Be sure to fill cups to top so tops get nice and brown. Then I sprinkled a little bit of cheddar on top of each after I removed them from the baker.

Chef_guest, Aug 9, 8:47 am

1 pk frozen chopped spinach, thawed
1 pk fetta cheese, crumbled
1 tbsp pine nuts.
Mix well

Chef_guest, Jun 3, 5:24 pm