Crab Apple Jelly

Anyone know where I can get some in the Wellington region? Would prefer a more home made type.

Chef_susiesilver, Jun 23, 8:11 pm

try the Markets I make and sell it at Auckland Markets

Chef_wineo, Jun 24, 5:26 pm

OMG my Dad makes it (he is 82) and it is just divine. I am not a jam/jelly type person however love crab apple jelly.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 24, 5:53 pm

Susie I will have boxloads of it to sell for fundraising. We had a bumper season. Hopefully (waiting to hear) as a charity fundraiser stall at the Thorndon Market in early August. Also selling at the Kapiti Food Fair later in the year.

Chef_julie55, Jun 24, 6:52 pm

save some for your berry jam . count down had frozen mixed berrys for sale last week and ive just made two bottles of the yummyest jam i nuked the berrys till cooked and juice ran then added two heaped table spoons of crab apple boiled the lot with three cups of sugar for about tem minutes and its set really well and yum on toast .i used about the same amount of sugar to fruit .but if you wonted you could add more crab apple and cut the sugar a bit

Chef_whitehead., Jun 25, 11:26 am

Okay, ta much.

Chef_susiesilver, May 1, 12:47 pm

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