Gluten free bread

I would like to make gluten free bread and have a bread maker. Would you use the bread maker recipe and just swap plain flour for gluten free flour?

Chef_foxy34, May 4, 6:28 pm

This is my go to bread recipe:-
Into the breadmaker pan goes
220 mls water (or 1 cup and revoke 2 tbspn)
1/2 flaxseed meal
2 eggs
1 tsp salt
1 Tspn cider vinegar
1 Tspn honey
Use a fork to break up the eggs and mix in the flaxseed, then leave to sit for 2 mins.

Add 1/4 cup coconut oil ( I melt mine) then 4 cups almond flour, 2/3 cups tapioca flour and 2/3 cups arrowroot flour. Then make a little well and put 2 tsp active yeast in it. Put the breadmaker on wheat setting (mine is 3) and 750g loaf. Oh boy - love this bread. Makes great sandwiches and toasts well. It's never going to be as fluffy as bread with gluten but is a lovely substitute for people like me who are totally grain free :-)

Chef_mazzy1, May 4, 7:41 pm

Thank you!

Chef_foxy34, May 4, 8:20 pm

This looks like a nice option, which bread maker do you have? My ancient Panasonic settings doesn't have a 3. Would that equate to white loaf or wholemeal? Rapid bake?

Chef_eljayv, May 5, 9:40 am

4 cups of almond flour.? Wow, I would give up eating bread and turn chinese instead

Chef_lilyfield, May 5, 9:56 am

Gosh, with that amount of almond flour it is one expensive loaf of bread.

Chef_jan2242, Aug 23, 1:06 pm

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