"4 Ingredients" fruit cake

I saw a recipe on TV the other morning, soak 1kg mixed fruit in 3 cups hot black tea, overnight. Add 3 C SR flour, and that's it. Cook 21/2 hours at 150. Anyone done this one? I am attracted by the no "added sugar"

Chef_ann7, May 26, 5:11 pm

take out some of the orange juice and replace with brandy or rum. Makes the best christmas cake and keeps so well.

Chef_creeky1, May 27, 9:34 am

Yes, I've made it that way and added some mixed spice and chopped nuts. It was nice and moist and I liked it because it didn't have the added sugar as with fruit juice, enough sweetness in the dried fruit. I have also used earl grey tea which was nice too.

Chef_nauru, May 27, 11:25 am

I have also made a similar cake. - instead of the black tea I use strong coffee. It is sweet enough because of the fruit. Was great for school lunches :-)
Edited to say I use decaffeinated coffee lol

Chef_jallen2, May 27, 11:28 am

Hadn't thought about using coffee, thanks for the tip. I might give it a go when I make my next cake. I have some toffee rum coffee and also irish cream which might be nice, just a thought.

Chef_nauru, May 27, 7:02 pm

I have used some of the fruit flavoured herbal teas as the liquid for a change. I haven't made one for years, now I'm tempted. Last one , I used coffee, put in small chunks of Whittakers Dark Ghana as well. Because I'm on my own and the rest of the family don't like fruit cake, I cut it into quarters and freeze 3 of them. It freezes well and means I don't have to eat the whole thing before it goes off.

I have some small loaf tins, might try those.

Chef_kay141, May 27, 7:27 pm

Remember the ingredients, but not the quantities or how long to cook at what temp. Thanks

Chef_just_cruzin, Sep 28, 5:17 pm

1kg fruit mix, 2 c orange juice, 2 c SR flour. Place fruit in bowl with juice overnight. Add flour. Mix & bake 1 hour at 160degrees.

Chef_tramore, Sep 28, 6:24 pm

Baking powder

Chef_lilyfield, Sep 28, 6:36 pm

The recipe given is correct for a 3 ingredient cake, the other version is 4 ingredients of fruit, liquid, flour and baking powder. Both are very much the same.

Chef_kay141, Sep 29, 9:20 am

I think it self raising flour so no baking powder required but adding a teaspoon of almond essence, lemon essence and 1 or 2 of mixed spice can add flavour too.

Chef_eljayv, Sep 29, 9:28 am

I usually add spices. cinnamon, mixed spice, nutmeg.

Chef_tramore, Sep 30, 6:24 am

I do 3 c orange juice or any juice, tropical is good,and 3 c S R flour makes it bigger without much extra cost usually get 2 cakes, eat 1 and freeze the other and I add mixed spice and slivered almonds sometimes

Chef_willy911, Jul 4, 3:10 pm

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