Failproof cup cake recipe

moparpete, Oct 8, 2:31am
Can someone please share a failproof one in here please and also a stiff icing recipe suitable to use with an icing syringe for decorating the cup cakes. Son's birthday coming up and need to make about atleast 24 of them . Have done muffins but not made cupcakes.
Thanks in advance.

cookiebarrel, Oct 8, 3:47am
Any flavour preference?

moparpete, Oct 8, 4:09am
No any flavors will do.Thanks.

waswoods, Oct 8, 4:56am
Any cake recipe can be turned in to cupcakes. Just bake for a shorter time

marcs, Oct 8, 11:57am
Google Hummingbird Bakery cupcake recipe. They have chocolate, vanilla and many more. The bakery is situated in UK but love their cupcake recipe and very easy to make. The icing is pipe-able but make sure you beat the icing for about 10 minutes. The remain moist for a few days.

marcs, Oct 8, 12:02pm

magenta, Oct 8, 8:31pm
Hummingbird recipe is great but you do need an electric mixer and a it takes time to do the mixing. Nigella Lawson has a simpler recipe which is quite good. She uses a food processor.http://www.nigella.c-

roseann48, Sep 12, 10:45am
Google Annabel White Best Ever Cup Cakes. They are so easy, yummy & adaptable.

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