Ice cream cake

what do you use to decorate a ice cream birthday cake do you use ordinary icing or what

Chef_heathermay1, Mar 27, 10:13 am

Soften/Melt (not Liquidfied though) some plain icecream a little, mix in a little bit of colouring desired or a coloured fruit juice, into a piping bag, decorate using various nozzles.

Can do all sorts of designs, patterns, etc.

Then re-freeze ready to go.

Editing to add that a bit of softened-melted choc can also be used and can be brushed on to suit.

Chef_valentino, Mar 27, 10:47 am

I have used a piping bag with coloured whipped cream and then refreeze.

Chef_majurti, Nov 24, 6:57 am