Almond meal substitute? Help!

I've been given a recipe for Amaretti biscuits that states "3 cups of almond meal". I just priced Almond meal at the supermarket and nearly died of fright ($8.98 for 125gms). The recipe also has almond essence and it is for taste rather than the gluten free aspect.
Can I substitute normal flour and some ground almonds instead? If so - in what quantities would I do this?

Thank you!

Chef_hmck, Apr 23, 4:21 pm

The cheapest way to buy it is not in those silly little packs at supermarket. I buy it in 1kg bags from Davis Trading for I think $20-22. If I buy 1kg of whole natural almonds that is about $27 and you can process your own. Strictly speaking they should be skinned first but I don't bother with that. Almond flour is finer than almond meal.
My local wholefood/Binn Inn type of shop sells ground almonds so if you go somewhere like that at least you will have an idea how much 3 cups will cost., Apr 23, 4:33 pm

I would replace at least one cup of almonds with fine ground semolina

Chef_lilyfield, Apr 23, 4:38 pm

Chef_suzannelg, Apr 23, 4:55 pm is a great place to browse; sells heaps of organics and other things (like almond meal) and ship direct here. Very quick as well. We are so ripped off in this country. Really annoying. It is getting better but very slowly.

Chef_awoftam, Apr 23, 5:34 pm

Buy whole almonds and grind them yourself in a coffee grinder, works out way cheaper. You could try using rice flour for some of the ground almonds. I've done this with other recipes asking for ground almonds.

Chef_nauru, Apr 23, 7:20 pm

Thank you everyone!

Chef_hmck, Sep 18, 3:17 pm

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