Big Green Egg

Has anybody got one and what do they cook on them. I've bought one but haven't picked it up yet. Can't wait.

Chef_horses7, Jun 28, 2:14 pm

never heard of it, what is it?

Chef_motorbo, Jun 28, 2:53 pm

motorbo, have a look at:-

Chef_245sam, Jun 28, 3:40 pm

horses7, I/we don't have a Big Green Egg but we do have a hooded barbecue as well as a Weber Baby Q which we take away with us when caravanning. For info' re your eagerly awaited purchase and recipes for using it, have a look at:-

Chef_245sam, Jun 28, 3:42 pm

thank you sam

Chef_motorbo, Jun 28, 6:49 pm

Thanks . We have a Weber Baby Q as well for our caravan as well we love it it's great we cooked a pork roast in it, it was lovely.

Chef_horses7, Jun 28, 8:48 pm

We have a Kamardo joe which is the same sort but different brand. we do soooo many things. pizzas, bread, bread rolls, cakes, muffins. meats- large cuts like beef rump, pork shoulder, leg, loin, chickens whole, small cuts- steak, chops, drumsticks, lamb racks, meat patties, sausages, meatballs, kebabs, meat and vege ones, baked potatoes in jackets, roast root Veges. You can also use it as a smoker. low and slow for many hours to smoke fish but we haven't. we absolutely love ous, use it all year round. best fun we have with cooking.

Chef_kiwigoldie, Jun 28, 9:27 pm

Oh. Hubby says. Don't use brocket yes. make sure you use lump charcoal. mitre ten is a good place to get it. also pizza comes out best if you use a pizza stone. if I am organised I will arrange it so I have something like a loaf of bread or some rolls to put on after we have cooked the main meal. great for lunch the next day. it's a bit of a party piece in our house lots of our friends love coming to have BBQ. just to see what surprises we can pull out. oh an pineapple with rum and brown sugar on it is divine.

Chef_kiwigoldie, Jun 28, 9:31 pm

My husband says I'm not allowed to use his good rum for cooking.

Chef_horses7, Jun 28, 10:11 pm

Same but my husband says that if I use up all his Bounty (Fijian) rum we'll just have to go back for more. gets expensive. lol

Chef_sampa, Jun 29, 2:33 pm

hopefully he wouldn't miss a little slosh of it. I am sure it would be worth the risk for the divine taste of the cooked pineapple rum caramel dessert :)

Chef_kiwigoldie, Jun 29, 3:53 pm

They are really fantastic, I have a KamadoJoe and use the Charcoal from as it is big and lasts a long time. Cook all sorts including Pav on ours. Ribs to die for and roasts that are just the best.
Good fun and good luck but if you want any hints go to Derek

Chef_racecom, Jun 30, 11:53 am

Hi, Picked up my Big Green Egg yesterday put it together & cooked chicken drum sticks for 35 mins on 220 they were awesome even my husband liked them. I marinated them for about 2 hrs before hand. Will try a roast beef Friday night.

Chef_horses7, Jul 3, 11:00 am

Going to try a roast of beef tomorrow night.

Chef_horses7, Jul 3, 7:31 pm

Beef roast was so nice. Had lamb roast tonight it was yum as well.p

Chef_horses7, Jul 5, 9:59 pm

We are having roast leg of lamb on our Kamardo joe tonight. next time you should try doing your roast vege too. saves putting on the inside oven.

Chef_kiwigoldie, Jul 6, 12:10 pm

Hi Kiwigoldie, I cooked my vege's in with roast beef it was yum.

Chef_horses7, Jul 7, 12:06 pm

hell that sure sounds like work to me.

Chef_dottyone1, Jul 7, 7:58 pm

leg of lamb slow cooked was divine. horses7. next you should try a rolled loin of pork. this is what I do but its so worth it!
score the pork skin with fine cuts to make crackling. then pour a kettle full of boiling water over it. this will open up the cuts to make wonderful crackling. then pat dry. season with sea salt and oil. rub it in well. then cook on bbq. it is divine and with amazing crackling. slow and low and don't worry if you think its not going to crackle. it will. YUM!

Chef_kiwigoldie, Jul 8, 11:35 am

Cooked lamb spear ribs for lunch on Sunday they were yum then put pork roast on just cooked in cast iron fry pan with bit of oil . Kept putting sauce on them they were lovely. The egg kept going from about 11.30 to 6 o'clock at 185. I will try putting boiling water for the crackle sounds good.

Chef_horses7, Jul 15, 12:16 am

Just get a 22inch Webber Kettle easier better and cheaper, and more than likely longer lasting I have had mine for 10yrs my previous one was stolen I am sure someone else is still using it. The Webber is the origonal and these are merely copies. We roast in it grill in it and smoke with it I used to bake in it but haven't for years, can't be bothered.

and yes charcoal is heaps better than brickets.

Chef_beaker59, Jul 16, 6:46 am

Loads of vids on you tube for the green egg.

Chef_nukhelenc, Jul 16, 6:52 pm

I also have been looking at the Green Egg, which one did you get?

Chef_nala2, Jul 17, 9:25 pm

Had lamb roast last night put marinade on it at 11 o'clock. Put it big green egg at 12.30 at about 170 brown it. Then cooked at about 150 for 6hrs it was lovely had family out there was nothing left.

Chef_horses7, Jul 19, 12:28 pm

Hi nala2 I have got the large egg I bought it from Matt at Four Seasons BBQ Hamilton there is a small one as well.

Chef_horses7, Jul 19, 12:32 pm

Slow cooked a piece of Corn Beef last night it was yum very tender.

Chef_horses7, Jul 27, 8:13 pm

We have a weber and cook a lot of our roast in it. Much prefer it to a gas bar b que.

Chef_coolnzmum, Jul 27, 8:27 pm

Cooked a leg of ham one & a half hours at 175 it was nicest ham I've ever had.

Chef_horses7, Jul 31, 9:53 pm

I read the title and thought "I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them Sam-I-Am".

Chef_calista, Jan 31, 7:15 am

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