Searching for a store or used d?ezva coffee pot

Hi All, wanting to know where I can source a copper džezva like the ones i grew up with. Is there a store in Auckland that supplies a range or someone have one they want to pass on? Preference is for a well used one.
Thanks in Advance!

Chef_daarhn, Jan 31, 11:45 pm

Don' know about the Polish ones, but other brands, same look and principle are readely available in All household shops, some vey cheap that will look old in no time once the poder coating rubs off. The Italien ones are better qualety, but the coffee tastes the same out of any.

Chef_lilyfield, Feb 1, 7:50 am

Chef_mjhdeal, Feb 1, 8:09 am

sure are however too small. saw those online as well. ta

Chef_daarhn, Feb 1, 10:36 am

the older the better. like baking tins and enamel cookwear can't beat years of patina, dings and homely feel.

Chef_daarhn, Apr 10, 3:19 pm

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