Meals to freeze

Would anyone have tried meals that freeze well, I have searched and not a lot came up. Also If I make a meatloaf would I freeze it cooked or uncooked. TIA

Chef_kiwiscrapper1, Jul 9, 7:52 pm

Lasagne,spag Bol,casseroles,chilli con carne are some of the things I make and put in the freezer.

Chef_carriebradshaw, Jul 9, 8:32 pm

Meatballs are great to cook and freeze as all you need to do is reheat and add a sauce.
I would think you would freeze meatloaf cooked - save time with cooking etc but I am sure either way would be fine

Chef_2spotties, Jul 10, 7:06 am

Burger patties, I make a range of veggie ones, currently I have beetroot and black bean stored. Falafels, pre made pies, I cook mine first (in a pie maker) cool then freeze. The fillings are generally left over curries, chilli or casseroles.

Chef_ruby19, Jul 10, 8:30 am

Two things that I love to have stashed away in the freezer are - really thick pea and ham soup and Bolognese sauce. Both make for quick and easy filling meals needing only minimal prep to get them from freezer to grumbling belly. Sauce - boil pasta, reheat sauce, grate cheese for top and bung in the oven to heat through - soup make toast while waiting for microwave to beep. :)
Makes days when you're busy/ not feeling well/ or all out of cooking mode much easier, like someone else has stepped up and done the cooking for you. nice.

Chef_sampa, Jul 10, 9:42 am

Like sampa I always have pea & ham soup in the freezer along with bolognese sauce. Along with those I have meat balls pre-cooked and pottles of homemade pasta sauce ready to be just heated up and served on pasta or rice. Chilli con carne is another constant in my freezer. Easy to serve on pasta or on nacho chips with cheese grilled on top.

Chef_herself, Jul 10, 4:37 pm

I've often frozen cooked meat loaves, just thaw and slice. A quick meal for the pets too, I always make them with corgettes, carrots and a little rice.

Chef_mitzi502, Jul 10, 6:12 pm

I have posted an awesome chicken dish on this board more than once that freezes beautifully - I have one serving left in the freezer and will be making another lot this weekend. So forgive me those of you that go 'not that recipe again!'. BTW when I cook it and serve it to a few for dinner I make the dumplings as well and it just vanishes. You never get left overs with this.

Its not the dish in the piccy, btw.

Chef_awoftam, Jul 10, 8:37 pm

Can pretty much freeze anything to be honest - there's about a weeks worth of lunches/leftovers in my freezer at the moment, mainly meals I've cooked for the family and someone hasn't been home. Curries, chilli, casseroles, lasagne all seem to actually taste better after freezing and reheating

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 10, 8:39 pm

Healthy Food Guide have a base mince mixture that you can cook up and then has about 10 ways to use it.

Chef_priscilla2, Jul 11, 5:40 pm

This does sound good, do you make and freeze the dumplings too. I know Gwenyth loves cooking and she has produced a cook book.

Chef_seniorbones, Jul 11, 10:57 pm

Thanks all for the ideas, and the chicken sounds yum!. I decided I have so much meat I would start freezing meals so I double recipes and what we have for dinner Im doubling and freezing the other half.

Chef_kiwiscrapper1, Jul 11, 11:07 pm

is this,in the latest issue? Thankyou

Chef_kiwiscrapper1, Jul 11, 11:07 pm

I know Im getting old now. shopped today and they had whole chickens on special I stood looking at them thinking 'what was I going to do with a whole chook' couldnt remember and came home without it! Will go back tomorrow and get one

Chef_kiwiscrapper1, Jul 12, 9:32 pm

I do lasagne, cottage pies, spag bog tomato/mince mix , soups, nacho beans/mince/tomato mix. I'm also a great believer in adding lots of veggies to my mince mixes such as grated carrot and courgette, finely chopped broccoli, beans and cauliflower. I think almost 50% of the mix will actually be veggies. Makes everything go further, gets lots of veggies into the meal (and usually serve more on the side) and the kids are so used to it by now that they prefer the taste this way.

Chef_gennie, Jul 12, 9:53 pm

Thumbs up for that gennie - way to go! Excellent nutrition/ideas for the whole family.

Chef_sampa, Jul 12, 9:58 pm

I do as you do with my mince and often add some pearl barley as well. You can make so many meals with this mince base.

Chef_nauru, Mar 15, 1:07 pm

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