Fried rice

Finely chopped spring onion. capsicum. fried egg omelette. bacon or ham. peas. shr-
edded chicken. prawns. -

Chef_petal1955, May 1, 5:04 pm

I also add diced carrot, sweetcorn, some soy sauce and a dash of sesame oil before serving.

Chef_nauru, May 1, 6:37 pm

Add some oyster sauce too - gives it a boost.

Chef_pugswal, May 2, 5:33 pm

I do sesame oil.Also soy sauce and a little bit of sweet chilli. Peas and corn and any other veges. Oh and the egg.

Chef_flossey, May 2, 6:29 pm

Fry the cold cooked rice , in peanut oil, add any veggies you like, and any cooked meat that you like.

Chef_aj.2., May 2, 6:50 pm

I put a teaspoon of Fish Sauce in mine!

Chef_skydancing, May 2, 7:39 pm

Lightly fry egg omelette in butter or butter and oil mix, remove, add to pan sliced onion, bacon, very thinly sliced red capsicum. When vege is soft add pre- cooked rice, tiny amount of sugar, salt, curry powder to taste, I use about 1tsp curry powder per cup I of rice. Top with tomato wedges and return sliced omelette to pan. Turn all gently to heat all through.

Chef_lyma1, May 2, 9:10 pm

+1 (except prawns)
But I also add a tbsp soya sauce too.

Chef_lythande1, Aug 31, 12:45 pm

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