Need recipes for snacks for kindergarten please?

So for a variety of rewsosna I have offered to do some snacks for the group of kids (about 30, all ages below 5)
They obviously need to be healthy, has anyone got any good ideas? Maybe something like savory muffins or similar

Chef_huca1, Apr 4, 9:16 pm

Something that is easy but also appeals to lots of kids!

Chef_huca1, Apr 4, 9:16 pm

Fruit kebabs

Chef_2603962, Apr 4, 9:21 pm

Kids LOVE fruit kebabs! Especially if you can add a marshmallow or two on there!

Chef_mooshiesmum, Apr 4, 9:33 pm

Popcorn, Marmite Toasts, Cheese and Sweet chilli Puffs, Cheese Scones, Cheese Straws, Veges and Hummus, Spitzsizzlers, Homemade Crackers, Wholewheat Toasts

Chef_amazing_grace, Apr 4, 9:33 pm

Spitsizzlers: cook pasta (Penne and Fettucine work best). Drain and cool, then fry in hot oil till golden brown, drain on paper and sprinkle with chicken salt.

Chef_amazing_grace, Apr 4, 9:34 pm

Cheese Straws: Equal amounts of flour, cheese and butter. Knead together in a mixer and roll out very thin. Cut into shapes, bake about 10 mins in a 200C oven. Add paprika or pepper for interest.

Chef_amazing_grace, Apr 4, 9:35 pm

Cheese Crackers: Grate cheese, put in small piles on baking paper on a smallish plate. Microwave for about 1 min till bubbled, melted and browned. As they cool they go crunchy!

Chef_amazing_grace, Apr 4, 9:38 pm

Have a look at some of the rest of my ideas;

Chef_amazing_grace, Apr 4, 9:38 pm

Just had a look at your website and it's fantastic :) Lovely idea and loads of helpful hints, well done

Chef_kazza14, Apr 4, 10:41 pm

wonderful ideas for the kiddly winks

Chef_bev00, Apr 5, 1:41 am

Are marshmallows considered healthy these days?

Chef_buzzy110, Apr 5, 1:02 pm

You have fat free ones

Chef_sticky232, Apr 6, 6:09 pm

Who cares. once in a while as a treat is a great idea.

Chef_herself, Apr 6, 6:13 pm

Well the OP did say that they had to "be healthy".

Chef_buzzy110, Apr 7, 8:51 am

Lol. Well that settles it then. Fat free = healthy because we all know that. I was having a blonde moment. I confused an almost pure sugar confection with unhealthy. ****~~Slaps self and wanders into the kitchen to chow down on a cup of healthy icing sugar.~~****

Chef_buzzy110, Apr 7, 8:54 am

picky picky. sigh. no I take back the picky and will call it being a pedant.

Chef_herself, Apr 7, 10:18 am

I think you are being unfair. The original question included this: "They obviously need to be healthy". It's not pedantic to comment that a marshmallow is not healthy? And why spoil lovely fresh fruit with something so sickly?

Chef_davidt4, Apr 7, 11:00 am

A marshmallow or two is not unhealthy. What is unhealthy is teaching little kids to have hang-ups about food.

Chef_hestia, Apr 7, 11:38 am

Couldn't agree more.

Chef_kaddiew, Apr 7, 12:02 pm

I believe it is being pedantic to pick out the marshmallow as being the big bad SUGAR MONSTER.
If the children were ONLY being offered the fruit and marshmallow kebabs and nothing else I would understand - but they are not. There will be other options. One or even two marshmallows on a fruit kebab as a treat is NOT a terrible thing. Making the whole kebab with nothing but marshmallows and offering nothing else would be quite a different story.

Chef_herself, Apr 7, 12:08 pm

I think you should have to get written permission from parents before offering their children any food these days, let alone sweets.

Chef_pickles7, Apr 7, 12:19 pm

Appears we've passed a movement, so to speak, for fruit kebabs with only the wicked marshmallows remaining contentious although I'd like it put in the notes that the skewers the kebabs are likely to be threaded onto may pose more dangers than the sugar contained in the marshmallows. So, to the original poster of this thread, (unless by now you've run away in fear for your safety and sanity in case we all start biffing pots, pans and sharp kitchen implements at one another through cyber space) a suggestion might be to ditch the glycemic raising bad boys (that would be the evil marshmallows) and replace them with cubes of a soft, white, mild flavoured cheese (like Gouda or Swiss).
Then you can say a little prayer that none of the kiddie winks are diary intolerant and all will be good in the marshmallow free regions. :)

Chef_sampa, Apr 7, 1:05 pm

I suspect Candycane, will replace the skewers,

Chef_pickles7, Oct 31, 10:52 pm

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