Tried Raw Milk today from Local supplier

We always had a house cow when our babies were born and they were bought up on milk straight from the cow. Well, it was scalded and things added to it, like Karilac? Cant remember what else we added. Then when they got old enough, it was their job to milk the cow before school. This was in the 70's.

Chef_rockie6, Jun 30, 6:54 pm

yes we buy it here, just so much nicer than supermarket milk.
Took about a month to get used to it and I still have to be careful if I have a glassful as it can upset the stomach. We tend to heat the milk if having it straight but then being older people we don't really drink milk by the glassful anyway.
Until I found our current supplier I would go several Ks out of my way just to get real milk

Chef_cgvl, Jun 30, 8:18 pm

Yes we have been buying it for about four years, I was bought up on it and we also had a house cow.

Chef_sooseque, Jun 30, 8:38 pm
No matter how carefully the animals are milked there is always a possibility of harmful bacteria, such as Shiga Toxin–Producing Escherichia coli, Campylobacter and Salmonella, being present in raw milk.

To ensure that all consumers are aware of this risk before buying raw milk, all point-of-sale areas, both physical and electronic, and all raw milk containers will be labelled with the following:

Information about the risks around drinking raw milk
Ways to best reduce these risks, including storage, use-by dates, and who should avoid drinking raw milk (for example, the young, pregnant, elderly and immune compromised)

Chef_archereon, Jun 30, 8:40 pm

In some cases yes it is all about Fonterra but also about scaremongers. While there is some risk with drinking raw milk there are also risks with buying any raw and cooked foods. Its all about how, it, food is handled, cleanliness of the person/s handling it and what they do or do not do.
Good suppliers, or at least the ones I use, have information re raw milk and their latest bateria counts displayed where it is easily seen. In fact one supplier I use also supplies Fonterra, he milks his cows for the public first and into a separate vat before milking any others. That way if there is a problem he knows where it is in his system.

Chef_cgvl, Jun 30, 10:15 pm

Was brought up on a farm and raw milk was all we drank. Don't remember any of us getting sick from it.

Chef_pgta, Jun 30, 10:31 pm

Raw milk used to be very common, but it fell out of favour due to hygiene issues and I think there were delivery issues as well (it might not have kept as well?).

Funny how things go in swings and roundabouts.

Chef_justinian1, Jun 30, 10:38 pm

When I was a boarding school, we used to get our milk direct from our own dairy unit in large aluminum cans, there was always an argument about the fresh cream that settled on the top of the milk to go over our porridge for breakfast.

Chef_eejay2, Jul 1, 12:42 am

Tastes better because it still has full fat content, otherwise no benefit at all. Quite a large health risk though people have got sick and some have died, most recent example was late last year in Australia. NZ hasn't had a death for some time but with the rising popularity it is due.

Chef_beaker59, Jul 1, 6:40 am

Funny how people say posh wine, organic food all taste better when labelled as such.
But in blind taste tests, when the labels are switched or removed they don't.
I suspect the same with milk. just because it has been sterilised suddenly the taste is different?
Me I'll stick with my milk powder. it's cheap.
And safe.

A wide variety of germs that are sometimes found in raw milk, can make people sick, including bacteria (e.g., Brucella, Campylobacter, Listeria, Mycobacterium bovis (a cause of tuberculosis),Salmonella, Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli [e.g., E. coli O157], Shigella, Yersinia), parasites (e.g., Giardia), and viruses (e.g., norovirus).

Chef_lythande1, Jul 1, 7:34 am

Is it just me or does all dark blue budget brand milk now taste like water? Pak n Save has done fro a while so I stopped buying it and only bought at Countdown but now their budget stuff is tasteless too!
Think Ill have to cough up and pay for more expensive milk?

Chef_antoniab, Jul 1, 8:35 am

When we used to milk the house cow, by hand, the milk probably had all those in it lol.

Chef_rockie6, Jul 1, 8:39 am

Been drinking raw milk for nearly two years now from local supplier. We go through 21 litres every week. Even our five year old granddaughter could pick out the difference in taste within weeks of switching to raw milk. My daughter is unable to drink Blue top milk as it affects her gut but has had no reactions to raw milk, she can now drink more milk than she was able to when drinking store brought milk. I fail to see how something we have been drinking raw for as long as people have been drinking milk can suddenly become bad for you. Yes if you don't clean and sterilise bottle you could get bacteria in your milk but the same applies to any food. If you are using glass bottles which are throughly cleaned ands sterilise between uses and store it correctly you shouldn't have any problems with bacteria. Those who put it into plastic drink bottles that are only rinsed out may have problems with bacteria. The death in Australia last year was proved not to be related to the milk.

Chef_coolnzmum, Jul 1, 9:01 am

Some people drink it without heating it. Don't you think that they are the ones which would be prone to suffer food poisoning?

Chef_hestia, Jul 1, 11:46 am

But you took proper precautions.

Chef_hestia, Jul 1, 11:47 am

been drinking raw milk from our cows ex townie for years
never a problem but grandkids it upset them a bit

Chef_harrislucinda, Jul 1, 11:50 am

maybe they're going to stop selling raw meat too.

Chef_guinevere2, Jul 1, 3:17 pm


Chef_sampa, Jul 1, 4:07 pm

Only for the baby bottles, ours we drank straight out of the bucket. When the kids were past babyhood, they also drank it straight.

Chef_rockie6, Jul 1, 5:15 pm

So not enough time for bacteria to grow to unsafe levels. It is a different story if the milk were poured into containers, placed into a vehicle for whatever time it takes to transport it home, and then placed into the refrigerator for several days waiting to be consumed.

Chef_hestia, Jul 1, 8:16 pm

Chef_sampa, Jul 1, 8:49 pm

Goodness, you do take me literally don't you. Do you think we all sat around the bucket and drank the milk through straws in one sitting? Of course not, it was refrigerated as well, for several days. AND, I used to let it sit to get the cream off the top to make butter.

Chef_rockie6, Jul 2, 6:10 pm

My mother has lived with the after effects of TB caused by infected milk in the 1940's. While this is rare the effects have been serious and lifelong.

Chef_carter19, Jul 3, 6:16 am

Living at the source (dairy farm) we drink raw milk. I definately notice better gut action in myself (we are dried off at the moment so are having to get store bought so really noticing the difference)

I know exactly where it's come from and the milk never is out of a chilled environment for longer than 5 minutes it takes from the shed to our fridge on the bike. We go through 2L in 2 days between 2 of us whereas store milk can sit there a week.

Same thing with our raw eggs - straight from the nest to the fry pan

Chef_phade01, Jul 3, 8:06 am

Raw milk is the only way to go if you want to make decent cheese.

Chef_cleggyboy, Jul 3, 8:37 am

People die from homogenised milk too.
It's farming and milking practices nowadays, we have better ways to sterilise, so the old risks of raw milk are much less than they used to be.

I'm not really concerned about pasteurised milk, but homogenisation should go, totally.

Chef_twelve12, Jul 3, 8:55 am

Good information here. I used to buy raw milk. Those who think that it sits around getting warm and growing germs don't know what they are talking about. The reality is that Fonterra tankers, and all other dairy company tankers, are not refrigerated so milk is allowed to lose its chill in transit from farm to factory. On the farm milk is pumped straight into refrigerated vats. From there the milk I bought was put into buyer's containers and placed straight into refrigeration. Buyers were then able to get their constantly chilled milk, put it into chilly bins with ice and take it home and put it into the fridge. On balance that meant that raw milk was treated better than the milk that went to factories. The farm I bought my milk from was also organic and they maintained super strict hygiene from cow to buyer and constantly checked on the health of their animals.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 3, 10:19 am

Yep I used to install milking machines and the milk from the receiving can goes through a filter, then a plate cooler then into a refrigerated vat.
The only place where contamination may occur is the teats not being washed correctly before the cups are placed on the cow. The vats are also covered so no birds etc can infect the milk.

Chef_cleggyboy, Jul 3, 11:24 am

And, are you understanding why that should be the case?

Chef_hestia, Jul 3, 11:27 am

Why? Do you feel that it is OK for milk taken by tanker to factories to be handled with less care than that sold directly to the public? Maybe you feel farmer's do not have to be so vigilant about the health of their herds because of pasteurization and processing into cardboard boxes and plastic containers. Or perhaps milking hygiene can be less stringent for the same reasons.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 3, 12:07 pm

I am a member of a milk club and love raw milk. I cannot drink processed milk (assumed I had a lactose intolerance since a child) with out getting a sick feeling in my gut was so happy when I got raw milk in Germany and realised I could drink it with no ill affects.

There are risks with all foods and on the balance I believe raw milk is way lower than some of the other foods consumed on a daily basis. The actual stats I have found on illness from raw milk are hard to come by but are pretty low.

The fact that one day processed milk is fine and the next its fully off scares me more than raw milk slowly going sour.

Chef_maccachic1, Jul 3, 12:17 pm

Chef_maccachic1, Jul 3, 12:24 pm

I have a sudden craving for a nice cool glass of permeate

Yum, yum.

Wonder where my local Daisy is? Might be time to pay her and her milk, the whole milk, and nothing but the milk, a visit.

Chef_sampa, Jul 3, 12:45 pm

I never said that at all, but you did.

Chef_hestia, Jul 3, 5:00 pm

Actually I beg to differ. You did say it. I said that raw milk is handled better than milk sent to factories for processing.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 3, 5:35 pm

I live right next door to one actually but I don't like raw milk - tastes like the fat off a beef roast to me lol

Chef_antoniab, Jul 4, 9:11 am

I milk a cow most of the year, raw milk is just so yummy, it actually has body to it unlike storebought rubbish which tastes 'off'. Unfortunatly my cow is dried off at the moment and have to buy milk, it is disgusting. Miss my glass of milk a day. Farmhouse in the purple carton is probably the next best thing tho.

Chef_rocky92, Jul 5, 4:54 pm

I was brought up on a farm and we milked cows. Drank nice warm milk straight from the cow. My daughter from 14 days old drank pure cow's milk and no additives and the only thing she ever caught was one dose of measles. I am now in my 80's and every chance I get to have real milk is still a pleasure. Top milk was beaten into cream for pavlovas and was real yummy also beaut on Porridge. Down with shop milk which has no goodness in it.

Chef_coastalskipper, Jul 6, 6:47 pm

tb from milk dont think so its a viral disease passed on from eg cow and possum and is in blood not milk

Chef_lcscott, Jul 7, 12:37 pm

Tuberculosis is caused by bacteria and it can be transferred through milk.

Chef_wicked_garden, Jul 7, 6:54 pm

There are at least 3 suppliers of raw milk in the Wellington region. Prices range from $5.50 TO $8.00 per 2 litres. Make sure you shop around.

Chef_thewomble1, Jul 7, 7:03 pm

That's my supplier. While driving to Woodville we past this cow shed with a big black and white cow sign . stopped on the way home and got some milk and it turned out that was the farm that was advertising raw milk at the local service station. Had a chat with the owner. Very pleased with contact and the professional way he delivers milk to the Wellington/Hutt region. Also the cheapest.

Chef_thewomble1, Jul 8, 7:56 pm

Rocky92, some store bought milk tastes disgusting. Dairy dale is one of the worst which My local service station sells. I have found countdowns home brand to be consistently good. I also think anchor is ok. Many Other brands though do taste off and leave a horrible aftertaste in my coffee. Some people though don't seem to notice, like my farmer sister. She looked at me annoyed when I said her milk was disgusting, lol! ( they do not milk cows obviously!) I guess it is rather rude to criticise your hosts food let alone say it's disgusting! I'm visiting them this week so must take my own, Hee hee. I'll make her do a blind taste testing.

Chef_wendalls, Jul 8, 8:30 pm

This website lets you buy raw milk from various handy locations in Auckland, Waikato, Coromandel, and Bay of Plenty:

There's one not far from me, so I think I'll give it a go!

Chef_-bookzone-, Mar 31, 3:14 pm

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