Raw milk.

ldbaqbeak, Apr 4, 8:23pm
Anyone use raw milk straight from the cow! Any tips! We have a jersey cow and are thinking of drinking the raw milk.I like the idea of not needing to kill off all of the good bacteria in order to get rid of the bad.
This is all new to me, I'm a lifestyle block novice, so would appreciate any advice.

4meows, Apr 4, 8:31pm
Advice!Just drink it :)
Treat as normal milk, it will start to smell sour before it goes off unlike homogenised milk that just goes foul.Personally I don't like to keep raw milk longer than a week.Jersey milk is the best!

cgvl, Apr 4, 9:15pm
oh yum, if you leave it to sit for a bit the cream rises to the top. You can then carefully scoop off the cream to use as cream or to make butter with.
Jersey is the best for this as it has the richest/creamiest milk.

harrislucinda, Apr 4, 9:38pm

vmax2, Apr 4, 10:51pm
Welcome to the club.I too milk jerseys (2) on a lifestyle block.Just drink and enjoy.I keep the milk for a day and then scoop the cream off the top with a soup ladle.Learn to make yoghurt and cheese with the milk too.It is such good food.Are you milking by hand or pump!It's lovely to have that daily close contact with the cow.You can go out there and talk to her and get all your problems off your chest.You will learn through your mistakes.Or at least I have.Enjoy.

ldbaqbeak, Apr 5, 10:02am
Yes we are going to learn to milk by hand.
Thanks for the advice about leaving it sitting for day, I wasnt sure how long to wait.
So many people think we are gross for considering it and will get sick!
Are you absolutely fastidious with hygiene! Should I be concerned about contaminated milk!

harrislucinda, Apr 5, 10:22am
you willbemilkingeverydaysojustkeepenoughback

vmax2, Apr 5, 10:36am
Clean the teats first with a clean damp cloth and then squeeze a little milk out first before you start milking.Then away you go.Filter the milk.I use mutton cloth in a sieve.You will get very sore arms to start with but you'll get used to it.Is she an old girl!We had a heifer this year.Stroppy madam.We put a leg rope on her so she wouldn't kick us.But we're used to each other now.Are you going to share milk with a calf!Many people on these boards are searching for raw milk.Would you consider selling some!Someone just recently from the Christchurch region was asking.

keruru, Apr 11, 6:41am
Raw milk. The best. But any extra make some pocket money for yourself and sell at the gate. You wont really need toadvertise much, people will flock to you.just check the quantities you're legally allowed to sell. We get ours from a local farm where we are. Brilliant!

janny3, Apr 11, 6:55am
Envious.Jersey cows make wonderful, rich cream.Once you've milked your cow and strained the milk through a muslin & strainer, chill it.The beautiful cream will rise to the top so you can skim it off.

Wish you were in or near Auckland.I'd buy some from you.Mate up north is not legally allowed to sell raw milk but as long as you're buying it for "animal feed" then its ok.

Raw jersey milk is my favourite.Marvelous.

horizons_, Apr 11, 6:56am
Lucky you.Just enjoy it and share it. Have a go at making cheese etc too.

gardie, Apr 11, 7:01pm
We never had worries about hygiene and always had little black spots in the bottom of the jug.We just didn't use the very last bit in the jug.and the kids were very healthy.

cake4, Apr 11, 7:05pm
it makes the best cheese :)

janny3, Apr 12, 11:58am
Rich jersey cow cream made wonderful butter.

nails6, Apr 13, 9:27am
Is there anyone in Auckland who wants to sell some raw milk to me.I have a daughter with immune issues and wanted to give this a try.I live on the North Shore but don't mind travelling 20-30 mins in order to get some.Worth a try!

vmax2, Apr 13, 9:35am
What a good idea for your daughter.She may tolerate fermented dairy a lot better - ie yoghurt and kefir which you could make with the raw milk.With immune issues it's important to heal the gut.70% of the immune system is in the gut.

nails6, Apr 13, 11:08am
Thanks vmax2, I have been thinking about this for a while and now that she has been struck down with glandular fever and another g.f related virus I am very keen to rebuild her immune system. The large doses of steriods, antibiotics & morphine etc; that she has been having administered in & out of hospital won't be helping her stomach either so it would be good if I can find someone.

vmax2, Apr 13, 8:51pm
My daughter had iv antibitiotics for a week in hospital and then low dose antibiotics for a further 3 months.So I know what it's like.It's important that you get strong probiotics into her as well to recolonise her gut.Make sure she has them at different times to her antibiotics otherwise they'll be wiped out.I recommend Biokult which you can get from naturefoods.co.nzIt's no fun seeing your children so sick, but be strong you can get her well again.

janny3, Apr 14, 3:03am
Me too!Please let us know where we can get some raw milk.Used to get raw goat milk at the health shop but cow milk will do for yoghurt making.Please!

vmax2, Apr 14, 3:07am
Ask through here http://www.facebook.com/nz.arm!sk=wallor contact your local chapter leader of Weston Price Foundation.

carchic, Apr 23, 10:01am
Does anyone have anyone who can supply in the Christchurch region! would be very keen =o)

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