.raw milk in north auckland.

maryteatowel1, Aug 27, 12:43am
.does anyone know where i can get farm gate milk and cream from!.tia

jills3, Aug 27, 1:56am

buzzy110, Aug 27, 4:28am
jills that link doesn't work. You may have better luck with this one:


However, the places that cows milk can be obtained from are rather limited on this map.

maryteatowel1, Aug 27, 4:36am
.thanks.have already looked on the milk map and was looking for cows milk rather than goats milk.i will keep looking!

buzzy110, Aug 27, 4:39am
Hi mary. Is Helensville too far away for you!

maryteatowel1, Aug 27, 6:30am
.@buzzy.no, helensville is just over the other side from me.honestly, it's closer than the city and would be happy to pick up from there.

buzzy110, Aug 28, 5:55am
OK. I know a place there and I'd be happy to tell you their telephone number, or even meet you in Kumeu sometime and take you there. You'd be best to come down the new Hobsonville Motorway rather than take the back way there because it is out of Helensville and closer to Kumeu.

I don't have any classifieds at present and I'm not happy to give you an e-mail address but if you want to tell me how I can contact you in a way that won't make TM twitchy then let me know. Maybe you have a hot
place address.

It costs $10 to join up. That is the only expense, other than the milk and cream, of course.

maryteatowel1, Aug 28, 7:54pm
.buzzy, i have a hot place addie.same user name without the number one.it would be very helpful.

horseyokel98, Aug 29, 7:32am
Hi Mary, how much were you wanting! A regular supply or a one off!

maryteatowel1, Aug 29, 7:59am
. realistically a regular supply, even if it is once a month.i like to make butter, soft cheeses, sour cream and yoghurt.hard cheeseevery few months.it all depends on what i can find.

madrose, Sep 1, 12:23am
Hi sorry to hijack the thread but if you could contact me buzzy110as I am wanting to get whole milk also and I live in Helensville you can contact me by my username at the xtra place :) Thanks in advace Rosie

guest, Oct 30, 2:04am
I know this post is quite old. I still wanted to mention that our milk map is based on the contribution from farmers. So if anyone wants to sign up let me know at sales@cottagecrafts.co.nz

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