Hard Honey

Athritis hurts my wrists when trying to scrape hard honey from the pot.
I can buy liquid honey which is very messy. Ok to M/wave the pot?
Any ideas, please ?

Chef_mike16, Jul 7, 7:11 pm

Just put it somewhere warm, hot water cupboard?

Chef_wildflower, Jul 7, 7:20 pm

hot water cupboard is best to make it soft enough to use

Chef_griffo4, Jul 7, 7:32 pm

Tried the HW cupboard, didn't help. so use MW

Chef_standard, Jul 7, 9:02 pm

I put the pot in the microwave, just for a few seconds. It works well.

Chef_kaddiew, Jul 7, 9:42 pm

or alternatively put the hot of honey in hot, not boiling, water. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jul 7, 9:46 pm

oops, typo - that should read. alternatively put the Pot of honey in hot, not boiling, water. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jul 7, 10:03 pm

have you thought of a bowl scraper to scrap your honey they are found in farmers and good cooking shops and you hold them with your whole hand rather than a knife or spoon . also check out shops for the disabled they have lots of things to help you . you could ring crippled childrens and ask them where to find them .i find people like that very helpful . your doctor should be able to help you as well

Chef_whitehead., Jul 8, 9:55 am

Thank you to you all . prob try hot water cupboard.
Thx, whitehead . for your detailed reply .
Kind wishes to you all !

Chef_mike16, Jul 8, 10:11 am

30/40 seconds in microwave.

i do the sme for butter too

Chef_deus701, Jul 8, 11:14 am

That too. : )

Chef_kaddiew, Jul 8, 11:45 am

Same here - butter I do on 50% power though.

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 8, 10:21 pm

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 8, 10:22 pm

I always gently squeeze the honey pots before I buy. Amazing that for some reason some are soft while others hard, same type and brand.

Chef_lynja, Jul 9, 7:09 am

mine woudlnt last 5 mins with ants around. I just microwave it. same as peanut butter to get that more spreadable.

Chef_mtbotrev, Jul 9, 12:40 pm

Hope it all worked out for. May I ask however just what brand and type of honey you found hard? The runny style I find great for some things. but I've not been able to find good hard honey for years.

Chef_illusion_, Jul 9, 1:50 pm

I always thought creamed honey went hard.

I don't like creamed honey. I much prefer raw honey which is soft but not runny. You just have to watch that it isn't allowed to get too warm for a longish period (like over summer) because it goes "grainy" which I don't mind at all.

Ants are always a problem in Auckland and I spend a lot of time working out how to keep them away. For honey I put the container into another sealed container with an o-ring like a Klip It container or similar before storing in the cupboard.

Chef_buzzy110, Mar 29, 10:02 pm

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