Cayene pepper

Put a bit of pepper in pumpkin soup to spice it up now to hot what can i put in to get rid of heat I think i would have been better of with a spot of curry

Chef_sticky232, May 29, 4:13 pm

Milk, yoghurt, peanut butter, potatoes, rice. any of these can help neutralise heat from chillis, and would work with a pumpkin soup.

Chef_mjhdeal, May 29, 4:47 pm

Try adding some plain yoghurt to it.

Chef_nauru, May 29, 6:20 pm

Yep plain yoghurt or sour cream is good in any thick type soup, I put a bit in my carrot and cashew the other night which has curry in it and so good!

Chef_wildflower, May 29, 7:34 pm

Yogurt and sour cream are the only ingredients I have seen mentioned that will actually go some way to actually neutralise the heat you speak of, OP, as far as I am aware anyway. Google will help I am guessing.

Chef_awoftam, May 29, 7:45 pm

Once i put to much curry powder in pumpkin soup a good dollop of sour cream on top when serving made it more palatable,

Chef_fifie, May 29, 10:03 pm

I did exactly the same thing last time I made pumpkin soup, didn't even put that much in. Unfortunately even sour cream didn't help. Kids barely ate any lol. Won't be putting any in next time.

Chef_hd07, May 30, 2:50 pm

Half a lemon - skin and all - pop into the pot and left there until soup or whatever meal is overly hot is ready, and then removed before serving will also take a lot of the heat out.

Found that out when I made my chilli -con - carne far too hot and fortunately remembered how my Mum used to remedy that decades ago. Sounds odd but works and adds a little tang but less heat.

Chef_esther-anne, Jun 29, 10:45 pm

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