Your go to "fridge meals"

patsy3, Apr 29, 2:43am
Just looking for other ideas on using the fridge left overs. I generally do a quiche with the bits and bobs of veges left over from the week. What else do others do?

kirmag, Apr 29, 2:47am
Frittata or pasties (well leftover turnover thingees).

ruby19, Apr 29, 3:44am
Soups, just make a courgette cheddar and potato soup, to use up the last of the courgettes from the garden. Generally curries, chillis, vegetable paella, veggie bakes, singapore noodles adding lots of stir fried veggies. Grate veggies into fritters or mac n cheese. I actually think I get more creative with bits n bobs than having a fridge full!

fey, Apr 29, 4:01am
Yep soup. In fact I made what my grandmother called fridge soup over the weekend. As long as you have an onion and a bit of garlic its all good. I sweat those off then add what ever veges are hanging about, then at least a litre of whatever stock I have about. Then anything else I like, left over meat, sometimes I have an odd packet of noodles. I can usually stretch another two meals out of the odds and ends in the fridge with a couple of pieces of toast.

awoftam, Apr 29, 4:14am
What an excellent idea - I hate throwing food out and as I live on my own I do at times esp veges as when they get a bit sad looking I biff them.

mjhdeal, Apr 29, 4:21am
Garbage stirfry - fry mince til cooked, throw in what ever sad vegetables are lurking, chopped into ribbons and/or chunks, add spices (I love my own HOT spice mix of cayenne pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, salt, &c. ). So easy and one of my 'comfort' foods.

samanya, Apr 29, 4:35am
I freeze them & later add to chicken/vegetarian stock . that's if I can find them in the freezer!

anne1955, Apr 29, 5:29am
A friend and ex Mayor in QT told me as a single person he buy's his food daily and has worked out it costs 7.00 a week more and has no waste and buys what he actually feels like cooking.
I to suffer sometimes from the single syndrome and hate leftovers in many things even if I freeze them. But have two neighbours one with chickens in return for eggs the odd bit of vegies and fruit. The other has a Konie (sp) pig and happy to give me vegies. I give her the waste from the jam's, jellies I make for fundraising. All around works relatively well.

awoftam, Apr 29, 5:32am
Oh yum yes I like doing this sort of thing.

awoftam, Apr 29, 5:33am
I tend to shop daily. Then when I can't be bothered I usually roast whatever veges I have and toss them through pesto. I am trying to minimise waste tho and am getting far better.

awoftam, Apr 29, 5:34am
Some go a bit rubbery tho?

nauru, Apr 29, 7:12am
I make spring rolls, bake them and have with salad. Curry to have with steamed rice. If rice left over I make a fried rice with veges. Chow mein is also good and uses up any vege of meat. Soups are good too with fresh homemade bread. Pies made with leftover meat & veges. I never waste anything if I can help it.

floralsun, Apr 29, 7:18am
Instead of freezing the leftover bits and pieces individually from my one-person cooking, I make them into a quiche type dish and freeze that so it's ready to bake when I want an easy dinner.

Grease an oven dish that can be used for the freezer as well.
In the dish, layer any left-over veges with any meat/fish/bacon/chicken, etc. add uncooked veges too - onion, sliced pumpkin, etc. Cottage cheese can be included too for extra protein.
Make a mix of milk and eggs with a little salt to season (add spices too if you want - paprika, turmeric, curry powder, etc.), and pour over the veges, etc in the dish so everything is just covered. Lift the veges a little to allow the liquid to go right through them.
Sprinkle some grated cheese and/or sesame or sunflower seeds over the top.
Cover with plastic wrap and freeze.
To use, I place them still frozen in a cold oven, so it thaws and heats slowly as the oven heats.
Bake 180C till a knife pushed into the centre comes out clean.
I make the quiche enough for two meals once baked, or I can share it with a friend. Usually have it with salad.

Adding - I often cook enough for four nights meals, dish up two plates, and make a quiche type dish as above with the rest and freeze that.
I eat one meal tonight, the other the next night - I'm fine with the same meal two nights in a row - heck, it gets me off cooking that second night!

samanya, Apr 29, 10:35am
Does it matter for stock?

lythande1, Apr 29, 6:46pm
Don't really have leftovers.
I sometimes make something - soups, stews, mashed potato type pie etc, where there is too much, so I cook one and freeze one.
Veges are picked as we go, excess is preserved or frozen.

motorbo, Apr 29, 8:07pm
I pretty much eat like that all the time, I make my meals from what I have and may purchase to add to it, last night I had leftover mashed potato so I bought a cob of corn and carrots to add to the mix with other vege and made vege patties, enough for tonight now

fifie, Apr 30, 1:26am
We have a good supply of meat in freezer and a good veg garden. still open the fridge once a week and view whats there, out comes the slow cooker if things need used up, and make a brew usually its chicken ? or steak parcels to use up mushrooms, tomato etc, curries is a fav, or a hearty soup with pasta in it, sometimes do a quiche or omlet with all the bits and bobs in. my hands are shocking love these days if i struggle to chop meat.

muffin2, Apr 30, 1:35am
I once cooked up too much spag bol mince and the next day I made 'spag bol pies' - I added heaps of parmesan cheese to the cold spag bol mince and the pies were delicious !

lilyfield, Apr 30, 4:11am

punkinthefirst, Sep 2, 6:43pm
Fried rice. with all the leftover veges and chopped meat if any, plus oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, a sauteed onion, and sometimes even a "glug" of sweet chilli sauce.
Same thing with couscous.
Same sort of thing with pasta.
Baked potatoes (in the microwave) with the veges and a bit of grated cheese.
Add an egg and make toastie pies.
Mix up meat, veges and gravy or cheese sauce, put into a casserole dish, cover with mashed potato, sprinkle bread crumbs, perhaps grated cheese over the top and bake til hot and golden brown.
Chop it all fairly finely and make fritters. add an egg and enough flour to make a dropping consistency, with about a teaspoon of baking powder per cup of flour.
Curry. Omelet with the fridge bits used as filling. Quiche.
Serve all of these with a salad. No starch needed - it is there already.
The secret is to use it all while it is still fresh.

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