Planning a kitchen - must haves

If I ever re-do my kitchen I will make my sink area even bigger. In the moment it is "only" 2m long made of one piece of stainless with two sinks,

There is a small one (which would be big one in "normal households" and a big one which can be used to wash the 20l stockpot.

What I would like is a second separate sink area so one person can start on all the little dishes and cutlery which accumulated during the day and the other can start on the veges and salads when coming in from the gardens.

Dreams are nice :)

Chef_fishplants, Jun 13, 5:07 pm

I like my kitchen. It's very convenient, plenty of bench space, with extra in a faux granite island that houses recipe books, glasses, coffee mugs, 'best' serving dishes/platters & would you believe, handbags! I have heaps of cupboards & a walk in pantry. For washing stock pots, I have two tubs . one in the laundry & one in the garage, which is very handy.
I would really like a larger stove with a double oven as my current one is perfectly adequate for day to day meals, but I'm stretched when I have a crowd. It's the most convenient kitchen I have ever worked in. I'd love a modern upmarket look, but the cost is a consideration & I wonder about how easy it is to keep the 'glossy' look, looking spotless, in a productive country kitchen?

Chef_samanya, Jun 13, 5:49 pm

I'd love a fuel burning Rayburn . but it's on the 'wish/win lotto list' I'm afraid.

Chef_samanya, Jun 13, 6:39 pm

Cupboards not going to the roof are great but remember to put layers of newspaper on the top then just replace every now and then - saves a heck of a lot of greasy cleaning!

Chef_rasin11, May 31, 6:08 am

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