Ice Cream

sagitarious17, May 24, 3:14am
Does anyone have a recipe for Ice Cream made with Cream and Condensed milk etc. Many Thanx.

marcs, May 24, 5:26am
I have been looking for very simple ice cream with condensed milk, Evaporated milk and cream. I thought I saw a recipe somewhere and thought it was Annabel Langbeins recipe but I can't seem to find it. Not sure if it was Evaporated milk, milk or something else.

meetee, May 24, 5:48am
I make this ice cream. It is so simple and so yummy! Just beat a 600 gram bottle of cream till thick and whip in a tin of sweetened condensed milk (not Pams) I find a full tin makes it a bit too sweet especially if adding other sweet flavours. Walnut and maple is my favourite - add chopped walnuts and maple syrup (not Chelsea, its too runny and goes to the bottom). Cookies and cream is so yummy - just crushed Oreos. Gummy bear - lemonade jelly 1/2 packet made with less water, soften chopped Pams snake lollies in it. Then there's chocolate - melt chocolate. Berry - make a couli and use piping bag to swirl through. Licorice allsorts chopped with sambucca, yum! And so on! I try not to make it too often, it's too good!

sagitarious17, May 25, 8:10am
meetee, that sounds like the one I was looking for. thanks very much.

dbab, May 25, 8:28am
Its a great recipe. You don't have to beat it while its freezing, as you do with some ice creams
Try mashed bananas in it too

marcs, Jul 10, 10:53am
Very simple and sounds yum. Will try it.

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