Ideas for using up kiwifruit please?

just that
everyone has decided they don't want them all of a sudden!

Chef_huca1, Jun 25, 12:10 pm

Chef_245sam, Jun 25, 12:20 pm

When I have to many puree them a bit with stick blender freeze in ice cube trays and put in snaplock bag in freezer then chuck one in my nutra bullet juicing or you can add one to glass water for refreshing drink.

Chef_fifie, Jun 25, 12:30 pm

Here's another option. a recipe I have just come across for Kiwifruit Cupcakes:-

Chef_245sam, Jun 25, 12:37 pm

oh thanks so much guys, i did google and it didn't show much, didn't think to look on Zespri silly me!
can I ask what you use the kiwifruit chutney for i.e. what kind of things it goes with

Chef_huca1, Jun 25, 1:41 pm

huca1, I haven't made the kiwifruit chutney yet (it's on my to-do list for the next few days) but I recall that another poster did make it some time ago and if I remember correctly, she enjoyed it with crackers and cheese. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 25, 1:50 pm

LOL - and as soon as you freeze them or use them to bake with or make chutney etc the entire family will for sure be demanding to know why there is no kiwi fruit and telling you it's the only fruit they fancy and shouldn't you know that? ;-) Cause mums are meant to be mind readers you know!

Chef_sampa, Jun 25, 2:46 pm

Peal,,slice and freeze free flow then store in ziplock bags they freeze beautifully and look exactly same when you want to use them.

Chef_eljayv, Jun 25, 4:59 pm

give them away.

Chef_pickles7, Jun 25, 5:27 pm

Kiwifruit chutney, serve with cheese and crackers. use with cold meats. In meat sandwiches and hamburgers.
Try dehydrating them if you can borrow a machine.
Kiwifruit Jam is another idea.

Chef_tinabops, Jun 27, 9:08 pm

I use to make kiwifruit and tangelo jam. yum

Chef_arielbooks, Jun 28, 3:25 pm

Would be interested to have recipe :)

I do a kiwi fruit and ginger jam and kiwi fruit chutney yet not over fussed on them raw.

Chef_anne1955, Jun 28, 4:05 pm

could freeze and use later,
they are great in a marinade to soften tough meat as the kiwifruit has enzymes that help break down the protein

Chef_fantail8, Jun 29, 5:12 pm

up side down pudding, put kiwi fruit on the bottom of the dish add a sponge pudding mix and cook lovely

Chef_slimgym, Apr 22, 1:51 pm

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