How can I incorporate cooked prawns into a meal?

zharacadz, Mar 17, 6:31am
I am not experienced at cooking any seafood and purchased a bag of cooked prawns from the supermarket, but have no idea how to use them to make a meal for the family. Any help appreciated.

karlymouse, Mar 17, 8:39am
All I can tell you is that they are already cooked, so if you want them hot its really on lightly reheating as they will go dry very quickly.Perhaps a fancy version of the prawn cocktail. lots of lettuce with a thousand Island dressing. in the old days it was whipped cream with tomato sauce and dash of tabasco . lemon wedges and prawns on the top of the lettuce with a dash of the sauce.

perle, Mar 17, 9:05am
yummmm! you could make a creamy type sauce with garlic, cream, reduce it down add the prawns till heated and serve over fresh pasta. Or u could do a seafood pizza with the prawns, bacon, mushroom, capers , cream cheese, lemon pepper= delish ! You could have them in a salad with a chilli/lime type of dressing - even better do it thai style with vermecilli noodles , toss thru some rocket leaves,prawns sweet chilli and lime, yumm. You could make a chinese style fried rice dish with cold cooked rice, veges, egg add prawns in just at the end so they just warm through - lucky you bon appetite!

amazing_grace, Mar 17, 7:07pm
We love prawn cocktails in our house, or have them as a snack (stir fry quickly in oil, then stir in sweet chilli sauce, heat tillbubbles).

Or you can make prawn curry,

twindizzy, Mar 17, 7:12pm
Great as an entree too with sweet chili and kecap manis.

Or rice paper rolls with them in.

clevercloggs, Mar 17, 9:01pm
I made a seafood curry the other night. A low carb version. I made the sauce before adding the seafood as it doesn't require much cooking. I had the cooked prawns too so they went in last of all along with the squid.
It was really yum.

timturtle, Mar 20, 4:47am
clevercloggs can you post your curry recipe! Thanks

clevercloggs, Mar 20, 8:10am
Hi Tim turtle. I'll give it a go but the problem is i don't have a recipe as such. I fry onion, garlic and ginger in a little butter and oil. I add coriander and cumin both ground varieties. Garam masala, about a small tsp of each!.! I put in some red curry paste, 1 to 2 tblsp!. Salt and pepper to taste. Add some chicken stock, one to two cups! then cream cheese 1/2 container or more depending on how thick you want the sauce! and sometimes a little bit of cream, half a cup! I know that sounds very weird but this is from a recipe I had when I was doing a low carb diet. It makes a beautiful curry sauce.I just add the herbs to taste, start with less and if you think it needs a bit more oomph, add more. Chop up a chilli or two and a good bunch of Coriander, add.
The sauce cooks and thickens once the cream cheese is added. Then you can add your seafood.Obviously this is not a real Indian curry sauce but it is delicious. Don't forget the salt and pepper.

valentino, Mar 20, 9:42pm
Goes very good with nice Fried Rice, that includes some pieces of ham, egg done with a little soy sauce and broken up like but not quite scramble eggs, chopped spring onions, a few peas all cooked using a combo Peanut and olive oil to kick start the cooking - heating process makes a lovely meal or compliment to a nice lightly fried or steamed fish with the right garnish of certain greens.

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