Light meal ideas

fifie, Sep 8, 9:28pm
Great ideas. Yes will make him some soup, hadn't thought of poached fish in milk, my steamer makes nice fish as well, so could make a sauce to go with that to for a change.Looks as though i can rustle something up for him and he might even get some pud as well Thanks again..

fifie, Sep 8, 12:49am
Wanting to make some light meals for a elderly neighbour home from hospital who has had stomach ops. Don't think he will be eating a lot and maybe not a lot of heavy red meat either. Thought maybe chicken or fish maybe a casserole or something he can heat up any ideas ? as i'd like to be able to help him after family go and hes on his own...

red2, Sep 8, 1:18am
how about a nourishing vegetable soup ?

motorbo, Sep 8, 2:10am
i would keep it simple, you could do a mince and vege dish all in one the old fashioned way

virea, Sep 8, 3:40am
a piece of fresh fish poached in milk is always nice

fee1965, Mar 5, 10:18pm
A nice baked egg custard is nice too, with nutmeg on top.Yum