*** Pie maker help***

standard, Feb 20, 8:28pm
Just brought a new pie maker which had no manual etc.
Any tips and advice how how long a pie takes to cook and any other useful tips!
Thanks for your help.

mumstu, Feb 20, 8:41pm
I have one and found the best way to make them is with puff pastry only. The other sorts just dont cook so well.

You can also roll (with a rolling pin) slices of bread thinly and butter.Cut off the crusts and cut with the cutter thing the right shape and use instead of pastry.Very yum if you put spagetti and cheese etc inside like a 'fat' toasted sammie.

I put cold left overs and anything else you feel like in my pies.They dont take long to cook, a bit like a toastes sandwich maker really.

nauru, Feb 20, 9:04pm
I used to buy puff/flaky pastry sheets but now use homemade shortcrust pastry and it works well, on occasion I might use puff pastryfor the tops only with a shortcrust bottom.They make nice little quiche too and I also make the breadcases as above, sometimes with a mushroom sauce filling or cheese and onion.Any leftovers can become pie fillings, I often use leftover casserole or if I do Shepherds Pie or Spag Bol I put a little of the meat sauce into a container and freeze until required same with any fruit fillings.
I bought a sunbeam piemaker without a manual and managed to download one online, link below.Not sure what make pie maker you have but I guess most of them are the same as regards use.


standard, Feb 20, 9:28pm
Thanks mumstu and nauru, my make is a chefmate.
How long do the pastry pies take to cook!

angie117, Feb 21, 3:21am
About 6 -7 minutes.

ruby19, Feb 21, 5:06am
Look up the breville and sunbeam web sites,for pie makers the give you recipes.

clgodkin, Feb 23, 11:29am
Often, for a quick lunch or if I don't have any pastry, I just cut the crusts off a couple of slices of bread, butter one side of each and pop an egg or whatever in the middle with another slice of bread on top. Know it's cooked when the top is firm to touch and the bread is golden. Actually, I use bread these days more than I use pastry.

mumstu, Feb 23, 9:05pm
Yes, you can use it like a toast pie maker.yum.

vomo2, Feb 24, 3:00am
I use mine successfully with filo pastry

juli55, Feb 24, 3:25am
I found that when making pies, I could make a letter to represent the filling.
'A' = apple
'C' = chicken
'M' = meat
Put the cut out letter on the top and close the lid.The pie will retain the shadow of the letter.
Useful when you are making and freezing pies.

standard, Feb 24, 5:42am
Thanks everyone.
juli55, do you make the letter out of pastry or cardboard!

3goonies, Feb 24, 7:13am
I've a Sunbeam pie maker without a pastry cutter.Would be great if someone would measure their cutter and let me know the diameter of the base and top. Thanks.

amourette, Feb 24, 7:54am
Oooh I'm in the same boat too, would appreciate this help also, many thanx

coralsnake, Feb 24, 9:38am
Cutters - go to following website and pick agent nearest.
I replaced one couple of months ago from local ChCh agent - cost was $6 and change.


3goonies, Feb 24, 5:45pm
Thanks so much coralsnake! I've located my nearest agent, so will be following up on a pie pastry cutter.

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