Xmas cake with glazed top

anne1955, Dec 5, 6:58am
I know late to be making xmas cakes but I am doing them for our hospice as a gift and as a hopless person doing icing I thought I'd do glazed fruit and nuts on top.I have never done them before so any help would be great.I have a nice cake recipe so just want to know how to do the tops.as easy as possible please.Thanks Anne

fifie, Dec 5, 9:51pm
Easy peasy nut and fruit topping with a glaze, good on large cakes or mini ones.
Nut topping:-I use pecan nut halves, Whole Brazil nuts, Walnut halves. For the glace fruit topping:- prunes, apricot halves, figs, glace cherries (red and green)or any other glace fruit. To adhere to the cake follow the instructionsfor the brandy glace.
Brandy Glaze
1 heaped Tablespoon Apricot jam. 2 Tablespoons brandy. place Jam and brandy in a small saucepan and heat gently together, whisking until throughly blended. Now using a brush paint some of the mixture over the top of the cake then arrange nuts of glace fruit on top and then brush generously over the whole top of topping. It leaves a wonderful shine and tastes great. I quadruple the glaze and it will coat 8 - 10 small cakes.
Posted by kiwitrish a professional cake decorator.

supanan4, Dec 7, 9:21am
Is the cake put back in the oven after the brandy glaze!

fifie, Dec 7, 7:23pm
No, don't put the cake back in the oven. After glazing i just let it sit on the bench to air dry and glaze to cool for a while, it sets just like jam. When cool i usually wrap my mini cakes in clear cellophane pulled up with a bow to give away, or if its a larger cake for us, it sits in a big container. This year going to put coloured glace fruit on mini ones, nice and colourful, oldies love them.

supanan4, Dec 7, 7:56pm
Fifie you are an awesome help, thanks a million, thats what I will do this year.
Have a good christmas !

anne1955, Dec 8, 4:50am
Yes I was concerned if I should do it before or after baking.My cakes are now cold so not sure if I can still do it!

fifie, Dec 8, 7:56am
Anne make up the glaze, using a pastry brush, brush some across the top of the cold cake, this helps the nuts stick to the cake, then place your nuts fruits etc on and gently brush over the top of them with the rest of the glaze this will give them a nice shine.
My mini cakes are sitting in the pantry after having a twinkle of brandy poured over them which i made 2 days ago, all wrapped up to keep them moist, about a weeks time i will get them out, decorate and glaze and wrap up to give away, hope this helps you.

anne1955, Dec 8, 5:48pm
Thanks it does :)

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