What Could I Use Instead-Xmas Cake help

zambesi2, Nov 28, 3:25am
The recipe calls for Drambuie but I don't have enough.It says you could use whiskey but I don't have that either. What I do have is:- Kahlua (creame base like Drambuie) ; contreau, Jim Beam.Could I do a mix of some of these.I don't really want to go and buy a bottle especially.Much appreciated advice please.

nanasee1, Nov 28, 4:08am
You could leave it out or use what you do have & maybe make up the liquid difference with fruit juice

mrgts4, Nov 28, 4:25am
My wife uses contreau or the cheaper alternative. Must works fine as she has made 49 this year and made 55 last year.

rainrain1, Nov 28, 4:29am
Jim Beam

rainrain1, Nov 28, 4:30am
I love big fat tui's
and drinking Drambuies

coolnzmum, Nov 28, 4:32am
You can use any alcohol you want to use.I used a mix of wine and sherry.

zambesi2, Nov 28, 4:51am
Thanx.maybe I will sample along the way. Hic HicLOL!

thejewellerybox, Nov 28, 5:19am
contreau plus some juice or waterif you don't have enough. Not the Kahlua!

sarahb5, Nov 28, 5:21am
Cointreau is too strongly orange flavoured for me, kahlua isn't creamy (nor is Drambuie) but you might not want coffee flavoured Christmas cake.Drambuie was developed from Scotch whisky so Jim Beam is probably the closest.

zambesi2, Nov 28, 6:28am
Ah.maybe half n half contreau + Jim Beam! Need to soak so think that's what I will try.Thanx everyone!:)

cgvl, Nov 28, 6:30am
whisky, brandy, or fresh fruit juice will work fine.

sarahb5, Nov 28, 8:29am
The combination of orange and bourbon wouldn't appeal to me although it's better than Cointreau and Kahlua but it's your cake - I don't even like Christmas cake!Personally I'd do Drambuie and Jim Beam as I said earlier.

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