Xmas cake question

midnight42, Nov 6, 7:40am
I don't want to ice my Xmas cake, can I just cover the top with shaved/sliced almonds instead before cooking!

harrislucinda, Nov 6, 7:53am

midnight42, Nov 6, 7:58am
No. I want it iced.

Mr Midnight.

midnight42, Nov 6, 8:01am
Tough ! I want a change.

midnight42, Nov 6, 8:02am
I,m taking a vote from the rest of the family


midnight42, Nov 6, 8:04am
Lets compromise. Half iced and half with almonds.


gardie, Nov 6, 5:03pm
How about a variety of nuts and cherries on the top prior to baking!Almonds, Brazils, Cashews, Walnuts, Pecans, Red & Green Cherries.Make these into a pleasing pattern on top of the uncooked mix, press down slightly )taking care not to get cake mix on top of them) and then cook as usual.If the topping appears to be browing too much, pop a bit of foil over it during cooking.When it comes out, brush the whole top with heated apricot jam and then leave to cool.Store as usual.

village.green, Nov 6, 7:46pm
I don't ice mine either I just covered the top with blanched peeled whole almonds before it went in the oven (in pretty patterns).
Good luck with Mr Midnight.

julz29, Nov 6, 8:28pm
What recipe do you use for your Xmas cake

kiwitrish, Nov 6, 9:22pm
As a cake decorator,here is my recipe that I use on Christmas cakes that are not iced.
1 heaped Tablespoon Apricot jam. 2 Tablespoons brandy. Place Jam and brandy in a small saucepan and heat gently together, whisking until thoughly blended. Now using a brush paint some of the mixture over the top of the cake then arrange nuts of glace fruit on top and then brush generously over the whole top of topping. It leaves a wonderful shine and tastes great. Double or triple recipe if needed. If you have cooked your cake with nuts etc on it, brush glaze over it when it is cold.

sarahb5, Nov 6, 10:31pm
I have seen that done - looks good too and keeps everyone happy

rarogal, Nov 9, 6:27am
Yes, I've done that also, but I love my icing, especially almond icing!

calista, Nov 10, 7:24am
My mother always said Dad didn't like icing on the Christmas cake.After she died I said something to him about my sis-in-law icing a cake.He said, "O can you ice Christmas cakes!"

I think the real reason mum's cakes weren't iced was that she didn't like icing them.

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