Would anyone please have a Mockingbird Cake Recipe

teddiesbearall, Apr 20, 9:01pm
My daughter is wanting a Mockingbird Cake for her birthday tomorrow and I wondered if anyone had a good moist recipe?
Many thanks.

Jean :)

indy95, Apr 20, 9:28pm
Mockingbird Cake ? Do you mean a Hummingbird Cake, teddiesbearall ? If so, there are some really great recipes in Google and there might be one in the Cakes thread on this board. You could also check trademecooks.net.nz.

teddiesbearall, Apr 20, 9:41pm
Hi indy95,

Thanks for responding. Yes I did mean Hummingbird cake, no wonder I am having problems trying to find recipe - LOL - many thanks. I'll go google :)


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