Is it ok to pre-prepare mince balls with egg in

elsielaurie1, Oct 9, 7:37am
them, and freeze. Then to use them would I need to completely thaw them before cooking! thank you

firemansgirl, Oct 9, 7:50am
I don't see why not, I have done this with a meatloaf, mixed everything and frozen it from raw, thaw it in the fridge though and not on the bench as some people do, never got sick.

lilyfield, Oct 9, 8:18am
I always do a large quantety and freeze and save time.

very_hotpants, Oct 9, 7:14pm
I was thinking this last night with meat patties but read somewhere you cant freeze raw egg. Maybe its more when thawing that it can be a problem. Google gives mixed opinions - one is that meatballs intend to fall apart after freezing but generally yes and there is no need to defrost just pop them into the sauce to cook.

rainrain1, Oct 9, 7:32pm
you don't need an egg in mince balls, they will hold together just fine without one

lil_angel_kel, Oct 9, 7:47pm
I always do with my meat patties - I've never had an issue :)

smiggles15, Oct 9, 7:59pm
Not a problem, and I've never heard that you cannot freeze eggs, in fact I have read to freeze your egg whites (if you are only using the yolks), for making meringues.

buzzy110, Oct 11, 1:34am
I saw a programme where Nigella Lawson used some frozen (defrosted) egg whites to create a pavlova. It was magnificent and not affected, at all, by the whites being frozen.

kay141, Oct 11, 1:41am
There should be no problem at all. It is only eggs cooked whole (boiled) and then frozen that have a problem. They are edible but the white goes tough. I make a meatloaf with egg in it, then cook it in petite loaf tins. They are frozen when cold. You could cook the meatballs before freezing if you are concerned.

matuq, Oct 11, 5:30pm
If I'm thawing meat out (from freezer) I always let it thaw in the fridge - NEVER on the bench.So meatballs should be fine done that way I would think.

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