Helllllllllllllp with marshmellow shortcake.

strange, Jul 25, 12:27am
I'm in the middle of doing it. the one like the edmonds i think that you boil for eight minutes. i'm beating it and its not getting really thick. are u suppose to beat it a long time! also the base was so stickey going in. turned out ok tho after cooked.

Help please!

jessie981, Jul 25, 1:34am
Any luck yet/ I'd biff & do the Edmonds topping

strange, Jul 25, 1:48am
yes finally became thick. how long til it sets once its all put together!

ange164, Jul 25, 2:24am
20 mins or so in the fridge.

niney, Dec 31, 5:03am
I had the same trouble. I used the jelly as I had no gelatin. It seems to require an awful long time to beat until "stiff"!

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