Electric Guitar Birthday Cake Ideas Please.

dotty23, Jul 22, 5:34am
Hello people. I'm going to make an electric guitar birthday cake for my daughter,and was wondering if anyone had any ideas for the various parts please. I have checked out a few online & see one person used the gold covered hersheys chocs for the knobs which looked effective. I'd especially love ideas for the strings. I've made an acoustic guitar cake before & wasn't particularly happy with the strings. I think I tried licorice & ended up just putting lines on with rolled up pettinice. I'm just an amateur so don't have any fancy gear. Just wondering if others out there have made one & what they used.Thanks in advance.

carlos57, Jul 22, 6:33am
Not much help from me. I just looked in my cake book, which has an acoustic guitar, and they use hat elastic, so definitely not edible!

carter19, Jul 22, 6:48am
What about the licorce that is grooved! You could cut it so that its very fine for the strings

pengy2, Jul 22, 6:52am
What about spaghetti (raw) nice straight lines.not tasty but would look like strings!

phoenix2004, Jul 22, 6:56am
How about just piping icing to make the strings!

molly37, Jul 22, 7:02am
facebook or browse rozzies cakes. She is awesome. Lots of good ideas. Pretty sure she has done an electric guitar too.

kiwigal007, Jul 22, 7:04am
Not sure if it would work but what about using fondant icing/coloured beforehand rolled out in really thin sausages! It would be edible and you should be able to get it pretty straight :)

fifie, Jul 22, 8:12am
Royal icing piped for strings, or spaghetti, brushed with silver.Those long rice noodles cooked few seconds then you can handle them, and layed out to dry. Or for unedible ones, white or silver embroidery floss, or fishing line.

dotty23, Jul 22, 8:35am
Wow! Great ideas coming in, thanks.

motgirl, Jul 22, 10:44am

motgirl, Jul 22, 10:48am

dotty23, Jul 22, 11:15am
Awesome cake! I'm thinking I could even cover the top of the neck of guitar in a rectangle of melted chocolate (to make it look like wood) & then pipe on strings with white melted choc! Going to be an interesting exercise I can see! Thanks everyone.

moggie57, Jul 22, 11:23pm
type in licorice in trade me and there are licorice laces for sale.they would be good.in different colours as well!

sooseque, Jul 23, 1:33am
type 'guitar cake' into google images, heaps of photos

dotty23, Jul 29, 2:26am
If anyone's interested, I managed to find a very simple solution to my guitar strings! The kids told me those sour strap lollies (4 colours, sugar coated long straps) actually pull apart.So I bought a few of those & carefully pulled the colours apart.so easy & so effective!

kob, Jul 29, 7:42am
if you buy those boxes of licrish medleys, they have the licrish strings in them as part of the mixture,

cookessentials, Aug 1, 4:46am
In the latest Australian Women's Weekly ( page 145) there is "Murray's Guitar) from the Wiggles LOL. The whole recipe, including all the shapes appear on age 150

dotty23, Aug 6, 9:52am
Thanks. The birthday has been & gone, but am still interested in having a look, so will be off to buy mag tomorrow!

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