Golden Syrup Apple dumplings

marcs, Jun 25, 10:35am

gardie, Jun 25, 6:21pm
Sounds nice.I can't be bothered wrapping individual peices so I just grate up the apple and stir it into the dough then make that into bits.Love golden syrup dumplings of any kind but hubby not so keen.Don't do them very often now.They are a fabulous winter pudding though.

odfrj, Jun 26, 9:48am
hi just like to say i made this tonight for pudding (i just grated my apple in too) and OMG this pudd was yum! Very quick and easy and the whole family enjoyed.thankyou.

nauru, Jun 27, 7:33am
I make one similar from Alison Holst.You roll out the pastry out, top with grated apple and roll up like a swiss roll. Cut into slices and bake in the syrup.Must admit that marcs recipe is an easier way.

clareo, Jun 27, 10:37am
I think this'll be on the menu Tom nght - sounds gd.

clareo, Jun 27, 10:22pm
Can't wait until dinner ! Yum yum !

groomingtools, Jun 28, 10:59pm
Made it yesterday-made 2 x the sauce as I know from past experience how it soaks in so served up the extra sauce in a wee jug to pour over. Also just chopped apple up so you could taste it.It was harder to roll into balls with lumps everywhere but it smoothed out when cooking.6 over 60's (the oldest 91) all loved it

marcs, Jun 29, 8:22am
If you use granny smith apples it should soften up nicely while cooking I think. When I made it I used Pink Lady apples (I am in Auz) and it remained hard. Next time will make it with granny smith. I also added some lemon juice to the sauce to cut the sweetness.

rarogal, Jun 30, 6:42am
Just made tonight, very yummy!

gardie, Jul 1, 5:03am
Guess what I'm making for dessert tonight!

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