What can i make with egg yolks

sandranoble2012, May 27, 12:56am
i have a pav in the oven and dont want to waste the yolks

winnie231, May 27, 1:05am
Lemon Filling for Pavs

3 egg yolks
Juice of 1 orange & 1 lemon
1/2 Cup sugar
A little grated rind

Mix together & cook until it thickens over a double boiler or in the microwave.

antoniab, May 27, 1:07am
Lol I have the opposite problem - LOADS of whites in the freezer!

sandranoble2012, May 27, 1:20am
ah crap lol i have no sugar left lol

davidt4, May 27, 1:42am
Mayonnaise, Hollandaise Sauce, custard, lemon curd, icecream.

elliehen, May 27, 2:44am

harrislucinda, May 27, 2:49am
justbeengivenphoto copyof thingsyou can do withyokescinnamon fingers,,bakedstuffedbakedspuds,,,,,egg creampie,,,,,orangecustard

waswoods, May 27, 3:31am
Creme Brulee

kinna54, May 27, 3:33am
Cheese straws

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