Carrot Cake Icing recipe.please :o)

mumstu, May 6, 4:27am
I want to make my son a carrot cake for his birthday on Tuesday but the recipes that I have for the icing never seem to be that good.

They are runny and not creamy and fluffy like on the shop bought ones!

The recipe I have is cream cheese, icing sugar and orange juice.

Have you got a recipe or tip to help!

Many thanks

margyr, May 6, 4:34am
hi I just beat the cream cheese and icing sugar and add a small amount of vanilla essence, 1 pot of cream cheese and quite abit of icing sugar probably a couple of cups at least.

mumstu, May 6, 4:56am
Thanks for that, maybe I am not putting enough icing sugar in!

marcs, May 6, 5:01am
This one is creamy and fluffy. I bake for cafe's where I live and they seem to go down a treat and also I need to be able to pipe it instantly for which this recipe works. I make the motueka carrot cake without the apricots and pumpkin seed in it. Recipe for icing

250g cream cheese (normal cream cheese)
3/4 cup castor sugar (yes castor sugar. Icing sugar makes the icing runny)
125g soft butter (you can use salted or unsalted. Doesn't matter)
Rind and juice of half a lemon. (instead of lemon you can use vanilla as well)

Make sure very thing is at room temp. Beat cream cheese and castor sugar till soft and there are no lumps. Add butter and beat for about 3 minutes till soft and little fuffly. Add lemon juice and rind and beat for another two minutes. Spread on cold cake. Top with chopped apricots, walnuts and pumpkin seed.

I also do a chocolate version of this as well. Leave the lemon out. Melt some chocolate (dark choc) with little cream. Once you have beat your butter in, add the melted chocolate and beat in. It makes a nice choc mousse type icing that you can use as filling between choc cake.

mumstu, May 6, 8:45am
Thanks heaps, this sounds devine.

mumstu, May 8, 7:06am
Made Marcs cream cheese icing is the most divine cream cheese icing my family have ever had!

Thank you Marcs :o)

pogram0, May 8, 7:25am
I find 250g of cream cheese is far too much - you have to use an extraordinary amount of icing sugar to get rid of the taste of the cream cheese.I only use about 50g.However, this is personal taste.I suggest starting with a small amount and working up from there.I zap my cream cheese in the microwave to 20 secs on high to soften otherwise it is too hard to mix and get the mixture nice and smooth.

verrans, May 8, 8:09am
Recipe I use is cream cheese, icing sugar, vanilla essence and sherry(I use a dash of water in place of sherry) don't have the measurements I do a taste test. I think I use approc half a tub of cream cheese, 1/2 to 2/3

marcs, May 8, 9:00am
You are welcome. Glad you liked it.

gdwitch, May 8, 9:04am
MarcsI would like to make thechocolate version of the cream cheese icing.Do you melt the chocolate with cream cheese or is it 'runny' cream.

marcs, May 8, 11:20am
No you are basically making a ganache so just normal 'runny' cream. This is so that the chocolate does not go lumpy when you add to the cream cheese mixture. So beat your cream cheese and sugar, then add the butter specified. Once soft and fluffy beat in the chocolate ganache. Beat for a couple of minutes. I use dark chocolate because it can stand up to the strong cream cheese flavour.

ceesh, May 9, 12:18am
Hi marcs, i have just made your icing and it is stunning! I seem to have it abit runny though i am not sure what i have done( but it tastes great) any idea what i should add to thicken it up!
Thanks :-)

marcs, May 9, 9:49am
Ceesh sorry I live in Perth so I am 4 hours behind NZ and I have only just got home from work. Um it should not be runny so did you use full fat cream cheese and did you only use 1/2 a lemon!It should be very soft but still should be able to pipe it as it keeps its shape. and will firm up when you put in the fridge. The only other thing I can think of is you may have whipped it too much. Hopefully it has thickened by now other than that if it happens again, add more butter or cream cheese or refrigerate a bit and it will harden up.

gdwitch, May 9, 10:50pm
Marcs just another question; about how much chocolate and cream would you use.Thanks for your reply and help.

june126, May 10, 5:42am
Made your cream cheese icing but halved the recipe , and used lemon essence, tastes fabulous.Many thanks for sharing.

marcs, May 10, 11:32am
I have never measured but just to guess 150g of chocolate with a couple of tbs of cream.

marcs, May 10, 11:33am
You are welcome. I would suggest to use fresh lemon when you can. Much nicer taste.

taurushat, Jun 16, 10:25am
Thanks marcs for sharing the best cream cheese icing recipe I've ever made.goes well with the Motueka carrot cake - DEVINE! much nicer made with castor sugar

marcs, Jun 16, 11:57am
Glad you like it taurushat. Funnily enough I make the Motueka carrot cake as well the my cream cheese icing. Using Castor Sugar make the texture of the icing more like a mousse and not so sweet unlike icing sugar.

guest, Jan 11, 5:21am
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guest, Jan 13, 1:08pm
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guest, Jan 14, 8:03pm
once again, these are great Amy. I love the sense of humor you capture (the bride&groom on the cake and then in the fogreround the wedding couple) as well as the tender moments, plenty of those.Loved the picture of the bride & groom on the porch in several different poses/locations..neat-o!Continued success to you Amy!! ( =

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