Barney the Dinosaur Cake tin

bob18, Apr 16, 12:06am anyone have a barney cake tin i could hire in the Tirau/Putaruru/Matamata districtPLEASE

spotswood, Apr 16, 4:40am
When I made Barney I just printed an image off the internet and traced it onto a slab sized cake.Then iced it in its colours.

kinna54, Apr 16, 5:29am
I have seen them on the internet and think I may have even seen them in party sections of shops like warehouse stationery. but they are expensive to buy.around $35-$40. For hireage try a party hire shop, such as Hiremaster or check out the yellow pages.
*spotswood's* suggestion is a good one, but use a cake recipe that won't crumb, and seal cut edges with warmed sieved apricot jam, to prevent crumbs coming thru the icing.

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