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raewyn64, Apr 30, 1:46am
Hi all
I have just bought a lovely cake tin for MIL for Mothers Day (she is in her 70's and by herself) and want to make a cake to go it. I will have to courier it to her in Wellington. At Christmas I make her a fruit cake so would appreciate some ideas on what I could make her this time. I want something that will last a little while in the tin and is rather simple to make :)

Thanks very much for any suggestions

wheelz, Apr 30, 2:05am
do you not know what her favorite cake is!

raewyn64, Apr 30, 2:18am
No I don't unfortunately.
She is an out and about type woman - into her gardening, volunteer work, bird watching, beach walking - that sort of woman - trousers and sandles over skirts and heals if you get what I am trying to describe lol :)
So I am thinking of a dense type cake not a "fluffy" cake like a sponge or anything - something she could take a slice with her when she was going to the beach or a walk and it wouldn't have fallen apart.
I hope my descriptions are understandable :) lol
Edited to add she is a museli type person and likes natural things like yoghurts and honeys.

suzanna, Apr 30, 2:27am
Sounds like the wonderful Motueka carrot cake recipe originally sourced by 'hairchopper' would be the go. It's a fabulous cake, good keeper and would travel well.

raewyn64, Apr 30, 2:29am
cool thanks for that idea - I will do a search for it on here.

suzanna, Apr 30, 2:31am
2 Cups of wholemeal Flour
2 Cups of sugar
2 tspn of Mixed spice
2 tspn Cinnamon
2 tspn of Baking Soda
2 Cups of sugar
1 Cup of Walnuts
1/2 Cup of Pumpkin seeds
1 Cup of Sultanas
1 Cup of chopped up dried Apricots.
750gm Grated Carrots
1 1/2 Cups oil
4 eggs
2 tspn Vanilla

Mix all the ingredients together except the ones above, (carrots oil eggs vanilla)
add grated carrots, mix well
whisk up 1 1/2 Cups oils with the 4 eggs add the vanilla, then Fold Carefully into the dry ingredients
DO NOT OVER MIX Bake at 170oc for up to 2 hours keep an eye on it, Dont forget to line the tin, makes 1 large cake

Quotehairchopper1 (435 )4:25 pm, Thu 16 Apr #78
. .

raewyn64, Apr 30, 2:38am
thanks so much it looks a good cake. Would I be able to put some whole nuts or something on the top of it for decoration or will they sink in the mix!

sarahb5, Apr 30, 2:46am
How about something traditional like gingerbread!Add a white glace icing and some sliced crystallized ginger for a "fancy" finish

raewyn64, Apr 30, 2:54am
Thanks Sarahb5 that is another good idea - I shall check out my recipe books for that one

daleaway, Apr 30, 2:56am
Peel three average cooking apples and grate them into a bowl.
Add - 1 cup soft brown sugar
125g melted butter, cooled slightly.

Mix these all well together, and beat in:
one egg

Stir in a sifted mixture of:
1.5 cups plain flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
pinch powdered cloves

Lastly add:
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
1 cup sultanas

I cook this 40 minutes @ 180C in a sprayed round springform tin. Smoothe the top of it with a spatula before baking - it hardly rises at all.

sarahb5, Apr 30, 3:03am
This is another good one:


60g butter

1/4 cup canola oil

2 large green apples (peeled and grated)

1 cup sugar

1 large egg (or 2 small eggs)

1 1/2 cups flour

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp allspice

1/2 tsp salt

1. Preheat the oven to 180.

2. Melt the butter in a large saucepan.

3. Stir in the oil and grated apple with a wooden spoon.

4. Stir in the egg and sugar and mix well.

5. Add the sieved dry ingredients and mix until just combined.

6. Pour the cake batter into a greased ring tin or 23cm cake tin.

7. Cover with the topping and bake for 30-35 minutes in a ring tin or 40 minutes in the round or square tin.

8. To test if the cake is baked, press down slightly on the top and it will spring back, or insert a knife or skewer and it will come out clean.

It should also look and smell cooked.


50g butter

1/2 cup rolled oats

1/4 cup brown sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

1. Melt the butter in a small bowl or saucepan.

2. Add the rolled oats, brown sugar and cinnamon and mix well.

3. Sprinkle, spoon and spread over the top of the uncooked cake batter.

raewyn64, Apr 30, 3:08am
oh excellent recipes thanks so much everyone :)

elliehen, Apr 30, 3:37am
and now renamed 'Elevation' :)

elliehen, Apr 30, 3:40am
sarahb5's apple cake looks good.I make a similar cake but add sultanas to the mix.

sarahb5, Apr 30, 3:47am
It's very popular in our house, especially with the hungry boys!

marcs, Apr 30, 7:23am
Above is what I was going suggest as well. It keeps very well and yummy to eat.

kiwibubbles, Apr 30, 8:45am
yeah i would go for gingerbread. it improves upon keeping

m41, Apr 30, 8:53am
Nigella`s prune and chocolate cake .

greerg, Apr 30, 9:03am
My latest cafe enthusiasm is orange and poppy seed cake. I have yet to make one but there are lots of recipes on the web.

motgirl, Apr 30, 9:50am
This one!
Sour cream chocolate swirl cake:
I love this cake, it is okay warm but I love it when it's been in the fridge- makes it nice and dense. Keeps well too.

elliehen, Apr 30, 9:54am
Hi motgirl :)Been back to Paradise lately!

motgirl, Apr 30, 9:59am
No Elliehen, not since last May. Overdue for visit to see my dear old dad, be over soon!

motgirl, May 1, 1:00am
Thanks elliehen- almost made me homesick, it would take a photo of Mt Arthur to really remind me of home!

motgirl, May 1, 9:44am
Love it !Thanks Elliehen, you have made my day.Apologies to OP for hijacking your thread.

daleaway, May 22, 11:39pm
It would taste different - personally I like the spices with the apple and nuts - but I think it would work perfectly well with vanilla or other essence.

Let us know how it turns out for you.

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