Evap milk (3/4 tin) and Condensed Milk.

garfeild101, Feb 12, 2:25am
What to do, i have gelatine,plain biscuits but ran out of chocolate. What can i make with these ,,, all i can think of is fudge or cheesecake but i dont know what recipe to use! I have lemon curd tho.and the usual stuff

Anyone else do anything with these either combined or seperate!

gardie, Feb 12, 2:58am
Do you have a packet of jelly!Make it up with 1 cup boiling water and pop the evaporated milk into the freezer.Once jelly has cooled, but not set, pour in the milk and beat it hard out - Foam Pudding!

uli, Feb 12, 3:04am
Make some of that famous NZ "mayonnaise"
Or use in tea and coffee instead of milk.

garfeild101, Feb 12, 3:06am
ohhh great thanks guys-didnt think of either =)

pickles7, Feb 12, 5:32am
lol SALAD DRESSING.uli.hardly mayo, . My old fellow likes salad dressing but, I only make it once in a blue moon, rather he eats the other stuff.

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